Tuhey Pool Bond Passes Updated 8-3-10

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The first vote to pass the bond was:

  • Marshall :No
  • Barton: No
  • King: Abstain
  • Quirk: Abstain
  • Dishman: Yes
  • Gregory: Yes
  • Polk: Yes
  • Conaster: Yes

The do-over vote:

  • King: Yes

As Quirk, Barton and Marshall could not vote because there were “just to many questions”, I have to wonder why only Gregory attended the Park Board Hearing on Tuhey.

One thing is for sure, City Hall was packed tonight.  A lot of comment on the meeting, from the people.  Disbelief at how city council members run the city.  Not to be shocked….

Yes, this is how City Council is at every meeting.

More to come…..

Sunday’s (8-1-10) paper an editorial written by Andrew Dale.  The title of the piece “Why Tuhey Commons Matters”.  Although, pleased with what was written, I am concerned about the motivation behind the editorial piece.  Many of you may have read it.

A letter dated that very same day was given to Councilperson Linda Gregory and copies distributed to all the city council members.  The same was given to Delaware County Commissioner Todd Donati which was read at the Monday Commissioner’s Meeting.

I had heard some rumbling the city was going to approach the county for a bond issuance for Tuhey Pool.  I was told it was mentioned at the presentation during City Council July 12th meeting.  I couldn’t recall it.  So, I went to the video and watched the presentation again.  Nothing.

The UNISON group,  planned on approaching the county for a bond, not the city.  In fact, I am a little taken back by the letter Andrew Dale wrote.  It seems a far cry from his editorial in the paper.  In fact, it appears the whole Tuhey Pool has become, yet another game of politics being played out by johhny-on-the-spot UNISON and the County Commissioner President, Todd Donati. 

The city asked for a 2 million dollar bond to repair, upgrade the pool, adding other  amenities like a splash park.  Popular attractions such as splash pools and dumping buckets will increase the attendance.   The pool will become compliant with ADA laws, making it accessible for those with disabilities to enjoy,  Depending on how the bids come back, and if there is additional money left over, the park will sport better parking and an all-purpose building. 

I am not fond of going into debt.  On the other hand, the public is asking for Tuhey to reopen and with imrovements and attractions .  A large amount of city residents are supportive of the plan. 

 So, let’s tale a look at how much the 20 year bond may cost.  (This is only preliminary until the bond gets approved.)   One penny will be added to the tax rate.  Meaning a house with an A/V of $50,000 will pay $1.15 – $1.95 a year.  Tom Bennington, President of the Muncie Sanitation Department has said the MSD tax rate will be lowered considerably.  Basically, we will be saving money on sewer and it will more then offset the cost of the bond.

UNISON and Andrew Dale want a larger scale operation, which at this time is not affordable.   

Andrew Dale, chairman of UNISON, a group that favors pursuit of a significantly larger water park project at Tuhey, criticized the mayor — without mentioning her by name — at Monday’s meeting. SP 8-3-10

Mayor McShurley, Matt Bailey and the Parks Board would enjoy entertaining a grandiose program, finances dictate otherwise.

McShurley and Bailey have suggested the work funded by the $2 million bond issue could be the first step in a larger project such as that favored by Dale and others. SP 8-3-10

 Andrew Dale’s editorial and his motives are unclear.  He states in his letter it’s not about politics.  Friends, it ia ALL about politics.

Mr. Dale does not believe the Mayor or the city will be able to carry out plans for Tuhey.  I wonder how he arrived at this assumption.  Surely, if the Mayor can make Prairie Creek self-sustaining (among other things), restore HUD’s confidence in the city, find 2.5 million dollar budget cuts (CC’s form of cuts has already been discussed), saved money on the paving, stayed under budget this winter and still got the streets cleaned, the Tuhey Pool can be another win.  The Mayor has placed qualified people in key positions for us to realize these triumphs. 

 Tuhey is no different.  It can be a success story, too.  Maybe that’s the problem.

Take a few minutes to read Mr, Dale’s letter.  I find it more than disconcerting.

UNISON-Andrew Dale Letter 8-1-10

The video of City Council’s 8-2-10 meeting can be found at www.propertytaxrepeal.com

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