PUBLIC QUESTION #1 ~ Indiana Ballot November 2, 2010 {Poll available}

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Below is the question of property tax caps to be included in the Indiana Constitution.  You will find this on every ballot in the State of Indiana.

If you are for property tax caps then you select Yes.

If you are not for property tax caps then you select No.

“SHALL PROPERTY TAXES BE LIMITED FOR ALL CLASSES OF PROPERTY by amending the Constitution of the State of Indiana to do the following: (1) Limit a taxpayer’s annual property tax bill to the following percentages of gross assessed value: (A) 1% for an owner-occupied primary residence (homestead);

(B) 2% for residential property, other than an owner-occupied primary residence, including apartments;

(C) 2% for agricultural land;

(D) 3% for other real property;

and (E) 3% for personal property.

The above percentages exclude any property taxes imposed after being approved by the voters in a referendum.

(2) Specify that the General Assembly may grant a property tax exemption in the form of a deduction or credit and exempt a mobile home used as a primary residence to the same extent as real property?”

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