Governor Daniels, Mayor McShurley & others working for Indiana!

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Governor Mitch Daniels is on his way to China and Japan to seek out new jobs for The State of Indiana. Traveling along with the Governor and 38 other Hoosiers from around the state, is Sharon McShurley, Mayor of Muncie.

Muncie should be proud that Mayor Mac has been chosen to represent the City of Muncie. It is quite an honor as Indiana is filled with well-deserving mayors and communities. Mr. Terry Murphy, Muncie-Delaware County Economic Development Alliance, was instrumental in securing 650 jobs for our area. The announcement was made last week. Indiana Economic Digest has the full story.

Here are a few snippets I picked up while perusing the net for more information on the trip. Enjoy!

How many Hoosiers are employed and how many companies in Indiana?

More than 42,000 Hoosiers are employed by more than 200 Japanese companies in the state. Those companies have investments here of more than $9.8 billion. Since last year’s trip, China-based Y.K. Furniture announced plans to establish a $24 million U.S. headquarters in Marion and lithium-ion battery maker EnerDel announced an agreement with Wanxiang, the largest auto parts producer in China, which EnerDel says will rapidly accelerate its business plan. The governor met with officials from Y.K. Furniture and Wanxiang during his 2009 trip to China.

The governor will meet with officials from Wanxiang, Geely, Dongfeng and other auto companies while in China. Officials from those companies visited Indianapolis earlier this year for the first-ever U.S.-China Advanced Technology Vehicle Summit. He will also pay respects to executives from Honda, Toyota and Subaru as well as other companies with Indiana operations while in Japan.

What is the cost of the delegation?:

The cost of the state delegation is being covered entirely through private donations to the Indiana Economic Development Foundation; no tax dollars will be used. In addition to Governor Daniels, the state will be represented by Secretary of Commerce Mitch Roob. The IEDC has two offices in China and one in Japan, and representatives are assisting with trip arrangements.

Sources: Inside Indiana Business Office of the Indiana Governor

And there is more….

Director of the Indiana State Department of Agriculture, Joe Kelsay, says this visit’s focus is different. “We’re looking to attract investment to Indiana,” he told HAT. “We’re meeting with potential investors on how we can add value to the rural, urban and suburban places here in Indiana, as was the mission on the last trip. The thing makes it a bit different is a much smaller group, so it’s a bit easier to be very focused and very specific about the areas and the meetings that we setup.”

That small group includes Mark Henderson representing Indiana Corn and Soybean. There will also be discussion of “hardwoods. Our hardwood opportunities there are very vast and we’re already doing some level of trade with China when it comes to hardwood when it comes to raw timber and veneers and finished furniture, as well as the investment that can be made back here. It’s been announced there is a furniture manufacturer here in Indiana from China and we think there’s more opportunity for that.”

The June China mission revealed solid opportunities for the Indiana meat sector. Kelsay says that’s a focus too. They’ll be exploring “trade of meat produced here in Indiana and then making its way to China, and how that can happen. Then with Mark’s connection to the grains sector and China being a big trade partner in grains, there will be some discussion in that area as well.”

Source: Hoosier AG Today

Kokomo Mayor Greg Goodnight will join Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels on a trade delegation to China next month, Goodnight announced Monday.

“Just by going, I think it sets us apart from some of the other cities in Indiana and the Midwest, and hopefully they recognize we’re on the right path,” Goodnight said. “Second, we can start building relationships and making those contacts, and making sure Kokomo’s on the radar screen.”

Members of the delegation will meet with government and business leaders in both countries and will host business receptions for potential investors. The delegation is expected to have about 40 members.

Daniels and others will meet with officials from Wanxiang, the largest auto parts supplier in China. Meetings with other Chinese auto companies are also planned.

The governor met with officials from Y.K. Furniture and Wanxiang during his 2009 trip to China. Since then both companies have made multi-million dollar investments in Indiana. Y.K. Furniture is manufacturing in Marion, and Wanxiang is investing in Indianapolis-based battery manufacturer EnerDel.

Source: Indiana Economic Digest
Still more…

Logansport mayor joining governor on 11-day trip to China and Japan

Kevin Lilly, Pharos-Tribune News Editor

Logansport Mayor Mike Fincher will join Gov. Mitch Daniels next month for an 11-day trip to China and Japan.

Fincher will be among several mayors from across the state joining the governor on the trade mission. The trip, to be funded by the Logansport-Cass County Economic Development Foundation, will be Fincher’s fourth excursion overseas as a spokesperson for Logansport and Cass County.

Critics have accused the mayor of wasting money on the trips, but Fincher has insisted that the contacts he makes are worth the expense.

“It’s all about building relationships,” he said.

Though he acknowledged that none of the trips to date had resulted in any jobs, Fincher said such efforts needed time to develop.

“This does not happen overnight and the longer we wait the further behind we get,” he added. “If we do nothing, that’s exactly what will happen.”

You will find the names of the member of the delegation and the Governor’s itinerary here.

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