City Council Meeting, December 6, 2010 ~ Happy Holidays

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Just finished watching the City Council meeting for December 6, 2010.  Last one of the year, folks.  Of course, since it is the same old song and dance, the meetings seem to run together.  It’s hard to distinguish January 2010 from December 2010.

Some of the highlights of the meeting.  MSD funding two positions for City Hall, apparently something they have been doing for years.  That is, until the current city council decided to cut the positions .  Since, MSD wouldn’t (or couldn’t) receive any services for the money, they did what any respectable government entity should do.  No payments for no services rendered. 

Nothing is more amazing to me, then veteran city council members which have been addressing city business for decades, having no idea on how or why or when something concerning Muncie has occurred.  Sam Marshall didn’t remember the annexation of parts of Mt. Pleasant, although he voted for it.  Neither Mary Jo Barton, Sam Marshall or Alison Quirk seemed to know much about MSD funded positions.

Next on the agenda was the payment of the leases as agreed by members of the city council.  You know, as part of the Safer Grant.

Jim Arnold opined in a recent letter to the editor:

” The December City Council business included a request to transfer funds from the Rainy Day Fund to the appropriate account to pay the leases for the Center Township stations through March and April of next year when the leases expire.

Before the nine to zero vote approving the transfer, Mary Jo Barton and Sam Marshall performed the obligatory barrage of accusatory budget questions about where the Center Township Payments went, and implications that the money for the lease payments should have been put into the Rainy Day Fund even though that fund didn’t exist at the time the budget was created. 

 Let’s recap.  The Center Township agreement provided the money to pay the salaries for the 22 recalled firefighters until the SAFER grant money is received from the federal government.  Per that City Council approved agreement; the City would honor the lease payments for the two Center Township stations through March and April of 2011. Finally, the budget cuts orchestrated by Sam Marshall reduced the line items for those lease payments to zero to prevent the Mayor from utilizing the CT fire stations beyond the end of the lease.” SP 2-9-10

In December ’08, when the DCHS (Delaware County Humane Society) came before the council to present the animal control ideal, one of the concerns presented by members of the council was if the new proposal would allow AC employees to keep their jobs.  11 months later, the same city council cut the job they were trying to keep. 

Who’s on first?

View the City Council meeting in its entiretiy, if you dare.

City Council Meeting December 6, 2010

A specal note:  Government meeting videos are brought to you by the Citizens of Delaware County For Property Tax Repeal at no cost to the citizens of Delaware County

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