Muncie Action Plan on the Move! Let’s Go Muncie!

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Muncie Action Plan Steering Committee announces the hiring of the Volunteer Coordinator.  MAP is moving along nicely.

Mr. Larry Strange, a professional planner has been selected as the MAP Volunteer Coordinator.  Mr. Strange comes to the table with an impressive CV.  He started his own company MP2 Planning and is certifed by the American Institute of Certified Planners and nearly 30 years of experience.

Larry Strange’s salary will be provided through Ball Brothers Foundation and the Community Foundation of Muncie and Delaware County.

Strange will help volunteers implement the plan, for which the first five priorities are:

1. Creating an awareness-building coalition to promote the importance of early-childhood education, especially the importance of Muncie students being able to read well by the end of third grade.

2. Developing a Council of Neighborhoods to represent Muncie neighborhoods.

3. Making Muncie a bike-friendly community.

4. Continuing to pursue a cultural district designation from the Indiana Arts Commission and a cultural trail. The cultural trail would link Minnetrista, Ball State and Heekin Park.

5. Developing a city brand identity and marketing campaign.

Star Press 2-10-11

 Let’s welcome the newest edition to Muncie Action Plan, Mr. Larry Strange!  Welcome, Larry!

 MAP will begin to address Priority #2 which is developing the Council of Neighborhoods.

The Council of Neighborhoods will embrace all the neighborhoods in Muncie, Indiana.  Greg Maynard, the coordinator of Muncie Weed & Seed program had this to say about the Council of Neighborhoods initiative:

Essentially, this council is the heart of the Weed and Seed effort, but it’s also the heart of the (entire) city, as neighborhood people band together to take ownership of the city, … and do all those things we talk about to make Muncie a better place,” said Greg Maynard, coordinator of Weed and Seed. Star Press 2-10-11

To better facilitate the Council of Neighborhoods inititive, MAP had divided the 40 neighborhoods into eight zones.  The Star Press reported of the eight zones, four have facilitators in place.  At the date of this writing (2-12-11) the following neighborhoods are still in need.  They include the far southeast side; the near southeast side; the downtown, Old West End and East Central neighborhoods; and the north side.

Jim Wingate is volunteering his time and if you would like to be a neighborhood organizer or block captain, see below for contact information:

Muncie Action Plan website.
Or by contacting Jim Wingate at 287-3123

Meeting information for the Council of Neighborhoods

Date: Tuesday February 15th, 2011

Time: 6:30 PM

Where: Muncie Boys & Girls Club, 1710 S. Madison St-Muncie, IN

Ball State University criminal justice faculty and students will present the results of a survey of more than 600 residents on topics including graffiti, vandalism, safety, noise, crime, drug use and their opinions of the police department.

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