Raiding the Delaware County 2010 Primaries ~ Fact or Fiction?

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Good morning from sunny Muncie, Indiana!


With a little over 60 days before the primary election, I felt it was prudent to spend some time reviewing the candidate profiles.  Let me give you some background on why this particular blog post came about. 

There is a nasty rumor (is there ever not a nasty rumor during election season?) that the 2010 primaries were raided.  Regardless of how much information is available to dispel this rumor, it still seems to rear its ugly head.  In fact, a candidate, the one which began the controversy, is once again touting it as fact, when it really needs to be relegated to the rumor mongering category.

 The Democrat primary was not raided by the Republicans. 

 If there was even an inkling of truth, then surely the Democrat primary results would have seen a sizeable increase in votes, and the Republicans a decrease. 

This is not so. 

 Using the top nine seats on the ballot as a point of reference,  three of those seats on the Democrat ticket saw a decrease, and every seat on the Republican ticket realized an increase.    This simple fact alone should alert you  there is something stinky about the “raiding the primary” claim.  There is nothing statistically that would alarm even the most astute political analyst. 

The hottest local races barely saw much of a difference in votes.  Since most of these races were contested, it seem highly unlikely a voter from either party would high tail it over to the opposing party’s ballot just to upset an election.   The heated race between McKinney and Cummins, would insure both the dissident and party loyalists Democrats would cast their vote on the D ticket. 

 On the Republican ticket many of the candidates were facing opposition from candidates which never campaigned and were virtually unknown save for their name printed on the ballot.   Newspaper articles coupled with electronic media and the old stand-by, word of mouth, helped to defeat these candidates in the primary. 

Now, it may be possible the Democrats were the reason for the increase of Republican votes, although highly unlikely.

 So, I guess I am asking, why a candidate would place on his website something that is incorrect, barring the fact the candidate can be traced back as the originator?

The Republican turnout was a little disappointing. Only two races, City Council Districts 4 and 5, has Republicans vying for a space on the ballot. Hopefully those two races will discourage some of the party raiding that we saw in last year’s primary.  Morton for Muncie-February 20, 2011

Delaware County has enough election violations in its history, there is really no need to falsely create another.  I find this distasteful, disruptive and deceptive. 

 Not only does it further erode the voter’s confidence in the elections process, it has you chasing after nonsense, while the important issues go unnoticed. 

 Perhaps, that’s the intent.

 We can point to ghost candidates designed to confuse the voters,  illegally removing a candidate from the ballot, the recent election board decisions and unsecured ballots delivered to the County Building as prime examples.  These are true concerns for those which respect the voting process as one of the greatest privileges afforded the American citizen.

As the primary season closes in, I am asking you to carefully consider all the candidates, their views, their history and their ability to govern.  

Below is the 2010 election primary results.  Please take a few minutes to review the document.

Primary ’06 & ’10 Totals

Delaware County 2011 Primary Election ballot


2 thoughts on “Raiding the Delaware County 2010 Primaries ~ Fact or Fiction?

    Ty Morton said:
    March 4, 2011 at 9:55 am

    What, an excerpt from my site, but no link? Not even a trackback?

    I guess I should be happy enough with the fact that you’re even reading it.


      munciepolitics said:
      March 28, 2011 at 9:02 pm

      Thanks for the shout out by CPique and Mr. Southworth.


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