Dennis Tyler from Urbana, IL “It’s about the children”

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Dennis Tyler Indiana State Representative for District 34 talks about why he is in Illinois and abdicated his duties at the Indiana State House.

Dennis Tyler speaks to you, Indiana Hoosiers. Click here for the video.

Mr. Dennis Tyler has served as an Indiana State Representative since 2006. He is running for mayor of Muncie, Indiana. As you can see by the video Mr. Tyler is all about education and the children. He has not written or voted for any progressive legislation or outlined a plan in which to improve our schools. If there was a defining moment for our public education system, it has been lost on the public he serves. I say, what has been doing for nearly five years?

Let’s take a look at the one of the school corporations in his district, Muncie Community Schools.

• Muncie Community Schools spends $12,081 per pupil in current expenditures. The district spends 66% on instruction, 30% on support services, 4% on other elementary and secondary expenditures.

• Did you know TestRating is a number (1-10) calculated by that provides an overview of a school’s test performance for a given year, by comparing the school’s state standardized test results to those of other schools in the same state. For Indiana, the TestRating is calculated using a school’s 2010 ISTEP Results and End-of-Course Assessments Results for all subjects tested. MCS is a 3 rating.

• Retired South Cook superintendent Eric King receives a $166,608 Illinois state pension and earns another $168,343 salary as the superintendent of the Muncie, Indiana school district, for a total of $334,951. Chicago Tribune 1-30-11

• Indiana spent $94 million dollars in 2009 for students not enrolled in school. Associated Press 10-3-10

In Muncie we have a TIF (Tax Increment Fund) commonly known as Morrison Road TIF District. The fund is also called a “slush” fund. In other words, the tax money which was deposited into this TIF district was to be used for improvements in this area. Instead money was used for purchasing fire trucks, economic development outside of the district and other things like street lights. At one time the fund had a balance of $8.3 million dollars, of which $1.1 million dollars went to purchase trucks for the Muncie Fire Department.

About this time you may be asking “What’s this got to do with schools and Dennis Tyler?”. It will all come together, I promise.

From a Star Press article on January 16th, 2010 titled TIF district change will help Delaware County school districts:

Wes-Del Supt. Steve McColley said he once before had inquired about getting access to those taxes, in part because Wes-Del school buses run through those residential areas to pick up students, but schools didn’t earn money for their transportation or school bus replacement funds. Then last April, the redevelopment commission voted to give the city $1.1 million from the TIF to buy three fire trucks.

“When I read in the paper they’re buying fire engines, I thought this is wrong,” McColley said. “If you’ve got that kind of money why not release it?”

The Morrison Road TIF was restructured so that approximately $388,000.00 was returned back to the schools and other entities. If Representative Dennis Tyler was not aware how these tax dollars were spent, he should have been as he is very close to the Delaware County Commissioners and the purchase of the fire trucks was a hot topic. Being a retired Muncie Fire Department captain would lead one to believe he did know exactly how that money was spent.

The school corporations which will benefit from this revenue are Muncie, Wes-Del and Yorktown. All schools which reside in Tyler’s district. He wasn’t the one which pushed the Delaware County Redevelopment Commission to restructure, it was citizens of Delaware County. To be more specific is was Citizens of Delaware County for Good Government. To be sure, a note of gratitude needs to be extended to the commission for their fine work.

So, before you fall for all the rhetoric being sent from Urbana, IL by our representative, take a good look at what he really has accomplished. He didn’t do anything for the schools and he had the opportunity to do so.

And all this costs you, the taxpayer, the working man and woman, you are paying for it.


2 thoughts on “Dennis Tyler from Urbana, IL “It’s about the children”

    Charles W. Perry said:
    March 19, 2011 at 8:40 pm

    I wonder, if dennis were to be elected mayor [god forbid] where would he run and hide when he doesn’t want to abide by the majorty will of the people. I hope the voters are smart enough to give our mayor a second term. She has done a good job so far!


    munciepolitics said:
    March 19, 2011 at 9:53 pm

    His signs are in Indiana, but he still is in Urbana. Go figure.


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