Campaign Ads ~ Campaign Slogans ~ It’s Election Time in the City

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Last night I was cruising the on-line version of the Muncie newspaper and the political ad for State Representative Dennis Tyler, currently running for the top seat as Muncie Mayor popped up.   One line read:

Imagine the possibilities if we all worked together

Now, I don’t know about you, but I found the slogan to be…well…funny.  Here’s a guy which has been elected over and over again, but is now finding himself in quite a pickle at the State House.  He is no longer part of the majority.  But instead of imagining the possibilities of working together, he goes on a five-week hiatus in Urbana. IL. 

 I like to think of it as imagining the possibilities of redistricting.

For the past few election cycles, we have had 20 elected officials in the legislative and executive branches of local government.  Until January 1st, 2011, four were Republicans and 16 were Democrats.   That changed in the last election and now we have five Republicans and 15 Democrats.  Gee, none of those in the minority took a five-week vacation.  Maybe they are hoping for the possibility of working together…as unlikely as it seems given who is in control as the majority.

As an afterthought, hmmm imagine the possibilities if all of his people worked together.  On City Council: Alison Quirk, Nora Powell, maybe Ty Morton, probably Strong.  Jerry Dishman, Mary Jo Barton, Julius Anderson, Doug Marshall. 

 Mark and Brad could get coffee or make copies.

Out in the county he would have Donati, Dunnuck, another Quirk and another Dunnuck. The rest would play along . 

 The two Republicans would get coffee and make copies. 

 Problem is, they have been working together and the possibility is the county is broke.  Something to look forward to for the next four years.  Possibilities.

Jerry Dishman’s signs say:

 “Fighting for your property rights”. 

 Just what does that mean?  Is he against property taxes?  Does he believe the building where Democrat Headquarters is located should remain a tax exempt property?  What? What? What?  Jerry Dishman is a nice guy, but this has most of the people stumped as to its real meaning.

Next on the list is the bright pink signs screaming at you. 

“Giving Volume To Your Voice.” 

Nora Powell Democrat candidate for Council At-Large somehow got her “middle” name placed on the ballot.  This would make her first in the line-up.  As Evans comes before Powell.  Maybe the signs should be changed to read “Giving Volume To MY Voice” as this is the first time any candidate has been allowed to use their middle name.  Giving volume to her voice and having friends in the party can get you first on the ballot.

I just wish we could go through one election that didn’t have the appearance of “stink” written all over it.  In 2010 it was the ghost candidates. 2008 saw the recruitment of candidates which had no intention of winning the race just had a name which came before a popular candidate, and in 2007 we had illegal Absentee Voter Ballots.

So remember, if you plan to vote this election, don’t be sucked into the 3-7% of voters that place a check mark on the very first name.  Imagine the possibilities of having four years of the same type of governing.  Yikes!

For me, I am going to vote for those which even under the most difficult situations will stay on the job.  I will vote for those that do indeed fight for your property rights and I will vote for those that will allow your voice to be heard.


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