Progress of the County Building Park Plaza

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If most of you have been reading the paper, attending meetings or following this blog, you most certainly are aware of the financial crisis the county is facing.  This week there will be 25 employees laid off and according to the paper, the county isn’t any where near where they need to be.

Which brings me to the County Building Park Plaza or CBPP.   It is certainly coming along very quickly, and it does give the appearance all is well…or well enough to spend nearly $640,000 for project not needed.    All of this is being done to create disabled parking.  Although one of the most well-respected advocates for people with disabilities spoke before the commissioners advising them of the problems of their plan. 

Commissioner Larry Bledsoe has been against the plaza project.  Todd Donati and Don Dunnuck are the economic gurus and certainly feel no remorse on wasting money.  There is no nice way to put it…WASTE OF MONEY.

Parking has always been available on Main Street which allows for easy access of vans, cars, wheelchairs, walkers, scooters, etc.  Those parking spots are gone.  Replaced by barricades and the busyness of county employees digging up the concrete.   Driving by the county building nearly everyday,and watching close to a million dollars of our money  being used so haphazardly it has to make you wonder how in the heck did Donati and Dunnuck get elected. 

It’s not like they were strangers to the political scene.  Donati held a seat on county council until the voters gave him the ax, only to return him four years later.  Dunnuck had a history with the Justice Center.

The most economical, efficient and immediate/long-term solution, would be to  place security on the Main Street entrance.  That’s it.  If they wanted to beautify the plaza, they should have tried for a grant.  Plenty of good paying grant writers on the county payroll.

 I just want to say, the Main Street entrance is now open and being used.  Too bad the parking is gone.

Here’s something to think about.  For $640,000 we could have paid a salary for one person to secure the door at $35,000/year for 18 years.

Ordinance 2010-39

Warning Signs Ignored

Cash for Clunkers Delaware County Style


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