Consolidation and Modernization Meetings Scheduled!

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Greetings fellow citizens!!
Just a quick update on items of interest….
Muncie-Delaware County Reorganization Hearings are here!


The June 23rd deadline is just around the corner and the Delaware County and Muncie legislative bodies (Commissioners and City Council) are now in the final stretch in responding to the Mun-Del Reorganization Plan filed last year. Next week will have both a joint Commissioners and City Council Special Meeting as well as a Public Hearing on the Mun-Del Reorganization Plan. It is all so important for the citizens to now come together and become informed of this immensly important opportunity of historical proportions. Be rest assured, there will be a whole lot of misinformation and uninformed dialog being disseminated as our current elected officials are starting to exhibit a lot of paranoia about the prospect that the citizens might decide to move out of our antiquated 19th century of governing.


As spoken to before, the two person committee of Todd Donati and Sam Marshall have been meeting behind closed doors to come up something that they and their respective legal counsels, Mike Quirk and Joe Hunter, may only know. So much for transparency in our local governments. In addition at the last possible moment, the Commissioners and the City Council mysteriously came up with $70,000.00 to throw at a Financial Impact Study that is suppose to reveal some sort of financial revelations of the newly formed political subdivision as proposed. Initial drafts of that report appear to fall way short of a comprehensive assessment and only redistribute existing costs. The final report has yet to make its appearance, at least at the level of the public.


The law requires the County and the City to respond by a twice-read Resolution and a Public Hearing at the level of each political subdivision. The City Council entered their first reading of said Resolution in April and then tabled the issue not to be read again. The Commissioners have done nothing. Following the introduction of the Resolutions, there is suppose to be Public Hearings in each participating Political Subdivision which apparently is not going to occur. Instead, it appears that there will be some sort of “joint Public Hearing” next week. 

These are very exciting times for Muncie and Delaware County!
Over 2,200 of your family, friends, neighbors and fellow citizens in Muncie and Delaware County put their names to petitions to bring this reorganization forward. Now the question remains…will we seize upon the opportunity that hasn’t existed for the past 160 years or convince ourselves that we can do no better. Don’t miss out by not being involved!
The link to the Mun-Del Reorganization Plan is included in this email. PLEASE educate yourselves by studying it as well as the Law (IC 36-1.5). Citizen input at the Public Hearings is important and encouraged. We would strongly urge you to consider participating in the following meetings…..


Tuesday, May 31, 2011 @ 5:30 pm:
Muncie City Council & Delaware County Commissioners
Joint Special Meeting on Crowe-Howarth Report
Financial Impact Study on Reorganization
Commissioners Courtroom, Room 309
County Building, Muncie, IN


Wednesday, June 1, 2011 @ 6:00 pm:
Muncie City Council & Delaware County Commissioners

Public Hearing – Muncie-Delaware County Reorganization
Horizon Convention Center
401 S. High St., Muncie, IN

Hope to see you there!!


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