City Council Meeting with Public Hearing @ 6:00 PM & Things That make You Go Hmmmm….

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On September 12, a public hearing at 6:00 PM on Ordinance 38-11 Budget and Tax Rates.  There is nothing to really to be said about the public hearing.

Some highlights you can expect at the city council meeting will include Ordinance 24-11 amending Ordinance 20-08 Meijers-Menard annexation.

Ordinance 17-11 vacate 9th & 10th Streets at railroad tracks.  Now, this one is really interesting.  If you will recall, a meeting to discuss the closing of these streets was canceled due to no official public notification.    A second meeting was held  and this one was just to get the invite list together for the public meeting to be held on September 14th.

In July the ordinance was tabled, in August there was an attempt to bring it back on the table by Linda Gregory.  That didn’t happen.  Yet, the Land & Traffic committee is holding a public meeting on an ordinance that hasn’t even been introduced.  You have got to love the peculiarities of how the city council operates.  I would imagine this ordinance will be introduced Monday night.  Finally.

Another interesting thing.  The superintendent of Public Works, contacted Julius Anderson and asked if Anderson could forward the questions the city council wanted answered on the closing.  Unfortunately, Anderson didn’t have the questions as he said the recording equipment was broken.  No it wasn’t.   Anderson suggested he contact a member of Citizens of Delaware County for Good Government and see if someone had a copy. 

Hear that train….

Choo Choo part 1

Choo Choo part 2

Friday, the Democrat Headquarters’s supported candidates held a press conference and pledged a clean campaign.  Democrats pledge to run a clean campaign 9-9-11.

The signers of the pledge (not to be confused with the signers of the Declaration of Independence) although this could become a historical document:

Dennis Tyler

Alison Quirk

Nora Powell

Mary Jo Barton

Jerry Dishman

Julius Anderson

Doug Marshall

Phyllis Reagon

Yep, it’s an election year in Muncie, Indiana.

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