Common Thoughts = Double Trouble

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Sometimes it’s good to have common thoughts.  Other times common thoughts can be trouble.

A perfect example, would be two Muncie city council at-large candidates sharing the same common thought, doubling your taxes.  As previous president of Muncie City Common Council, Alison Quirk introduced LOIT (Local Option Income Tax) at its highest percentage.  Standing at the podium urging the council to act upon this tax was Nora Powell, currently running for at-large seat.

Nora Powell, which hoped to take Monte Murphy’s seat “should he go down” began to diligently seek the favor of the local Democrat Party in early 2008.  The most effective way, apparently, was to agree with everything city council did. 

Common thoughts.

So, if you are unhappy with how city council has been run for the past four to eight years, would you vote in the same model of governance?  Probably not.   If a candidate has supported nearly every decision made by council, it stands to reason this is the type of governing most pleasing to the candidate.

Nora Powell’s campaign slogan is “Giving Volume to Your Voice” which makes it nothing more than a catchy phrase.  Consider how city council has reacted to their constituents’ voice and Nora Powell sharing their core values leads one to believe it will not be YOUR voice being heard.

Common thoughts.

I  would imagine the LOIT will be introduced as early as possible in 2012.  This will give County Commissioner President Todd Donati the opportunity to raise the county option income tax (COIT).   President Donati embraced the additional taxes and promised to couple the tax with budget cuts back in 2009. (We have seen no cuts, just additional spending and waste.)

What is the denominators that unite Alison Quirk, Todd Donati and Nora Powell?  Common thoughts and taxation.  Recipe for disaster.

Muncie City Council needs new faces with fresh ideas.  Not a candidate which shares the same ideals of what we have today.

Had enough?

Vote informed. 

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