Not Getting Along With “Anybody”…Oh, really?

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The September 18th edition of the Muncie Star Press newspaper featured an opinion piece written by local columnist, Larry Riley.  In his column he addressed  the complaint about  Mayor of Muncie, Sharon McShurley, and her inability to get along with others.

You will most often hear this on  local cyber bulletin boards.  When one takes the time to speak to this issue and  begin to cite examples of the many groups, organizations and people the Mayor has worked with over the three plus years of her administration, the usual comeback is something like this “They are scared of her.” 

Other times in casual conversation, I have been asked what my thoughts are about the Mayor’s inability to work with others.   Basically, I speak to the same issues found in Riley’s column.

I am not sure how many of you have had the pleasure to meet our Mayor or listen to her speak, but certainly she doesn’t strike fear in the hearts of those which have come in contact with her.

One of the biggest pet peeves of those which perpetrate this and various other pieces of silly misinformation, is the success of Prairie Creek reservoir.  For some unknown reason, this gets under their skin.  For the life of me, I can’t understand why.  Who in their right mind would find fault in a park which cost the city $140,000.00  additional taxes in 2007, to a park which netted revenue of $130,000 in 2010? 

Those which followed the cost of the park from previous years, understand this only happened with careful planning, successful grant writing and placing the best qualified people in key positions to get it done.  Others would argue she put the fear of God into them. 

After attending nearly every Mayor’s Chat for the past few years, I don’t get the sense the department heads are chewing their nails from fear of the Mayor.  Mostly, you will find a relaxed, friendly and inviting atmosphere. 

That being said, I have put together a short list of some of the things which have occurred under this administration.  I hope to expound on my favorite success stories later.  But for now, I will leave you to ponder some of my favorite things, then you won’t feel so bad…

1. HUD funds restored/off federal monitoring list

2. Prairie Creek self-sustaining-major improvements

3. Canan Commons

4. Tuhey Pool

5. Progressive Rail

6. Indiana Stamping

7. Brevini

8. Hamilton County officials & Mayor meet with Senator Bayh to retain 700 jobs

9. Wheel Tax spent wisely

10. Ivy Tech Downtown

11. Brought city through major budget crisis without raising taxes

12. Building Commission-self-sustaining

13. Presented before legislatures as representative of IACT (Indiana Association of Cities and Towns)

14. MAP

15. Implementation of HPG (High Performance Government paid with a grant)

16. Vetoed 67% threshold vote on Consolidation

17. Invited on economic development investment venture, paid for by private funds

18. Energy Grant –replace traffic lights, heating cooling high-efficiency unit

19. 3 year street painting (nothing done prior to 2007)

20. Blight tackled

21. Governor Arts Walk

22. Muncie Police Department software upgrade, partnering with Ball State on crime mapping

23. Cable Commission active again/working to provide private funding for PAC and create an account to deposit the funds

24. Improved snow removal

25. One of three cities nationally to win “Green City Award”

26. U.S. Attorney, Joe Hogsett, toured Muncie giving “high marks” for building deconstruction program

27. White River Blvd. paved more for less

28. Paving of several streets, including Mock, 18th, 12th, Centennial, Tillotson, Bethel, Willard, Main, Jackson (list is not exhaustive)

29. Walk of Fame Heekin Park

30. Paved Tillotson Fire station parking lot

31. Restored Deputy Fire Chief position

32. Completed Muncie Parks Five Year Plan

33. Completed inventory on City of Muncie owned properties (found properties forgotten)

34. Improved City website

35. Engaging citizens in volunteerism (MAP & government)

36. Vetoed City Council’s animal control ordinance giving all city assets to a county facing severe financial problems

37. Working on design to eliminate congestion at Chadam & Clara lane vicinity

38.  Madison Street Signal light project to begin in 2012

39. Received funds to improve railroad crossings through downtown

40. Monthly meetings with citizens (Chat with the Mayor)

41. Appointing qualified and experienced department heads

42. Madison intersections 26 & 29th upgraded

43. City administration not requesting line of credit to meet budget

44. Whiteley Community Council and administration working together on neighborhood fire station (this station will receive remodeling and Buley Center a grant)

45. Gift of $30,000 from Muncie Endurathon for PCR playground equipment

The mayor who can’t get along with anyone


2 thoughts on “Not Getting Along With “Anybody”…Oh, really?

    Murph said:
    September 22, 2011 at 4:35 pm

    It appears that those who fear Ms. Mayor…are those who have had something to fear. Those that work with her see someone who wants what is best for Muncie and will do all she can, within the law, honestly and fairly, I beleive she asks the same of them. She isn’t doing anything to fill her pockets and those of family and friends that have had their strings tied to the Muncie taxpayers. If there are those unhappy with Ms. Mayor, it because she can’t be swayed to do something that isn’t in the best interest of MUNCIE as a whole, not just the chosen few. Way To Go, Ms. Mayor…..Way To Go!


    munciepolitics said:
    September 27, 2011 at 9:12 pm

    Right on target, Murph!


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