Why I won’t vote for Dennis Tyler for Mayor ~ Part One

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Dennis Tyler campaigned for State Representative in 2010.  This is what was mailed out to his constituents.

“Dennis Tyler promised to reform property taxes.  He delivered.”

Dennis Tyler did not reform property taxes.  He voted and that was it.  There is a big difference between reform and a simple vote.  Sure, we are grateful for his vote but to say he promised reformed and delivered, is not correct as I see it.

 That was the citizens of the State of Indiana which did all the leg work.  I remember being at the State House.  There were people from all over the state, but Dennis Tyler didn’t speak to us, not even for a minute.  No support…not even a two-minute “thumbs up” I’m listening to you.  Before you say he was too busy, consider this.  The Governor and the Lt. Governor spoke to us.  Other House representatives spoke with us.  Even the Attorney General took time to speak with us.  An article about the meeting appeared in the Wall Street Journal.

But, it wasn’t important to Dennis Tyler.  We went to his office, and we waited and waited and waited.  Absent when we go to his place, absent at city meetings and absent from the state. 

Dennis Tyler, Democrat, July 11, 2007 opposing a special session of the legislature to deal with property taxes. Within weeks, taxpayers saw property taxes skyrocket as much as 50 percent, and we all found out nobody had a game plan.  A week later, the mayor, and presidents of city council, county council and county commissioner wrote the governor urging him to call a special session. Larry Riley Memorable quotes of 2007

With property taxes soaring, a need to tighten the State budget, Dennis Tyler voted himself a raise.  (2007)

He is stuck in the past.  A dinosaur, so to speak.

 Dennis Tyler has no campaign platform.  His website which is void of any detail on his plans for Muncie, is so vague one wonders if he has any idea what running this city is all about.

His absenteeism isn’t just at the Statehouse,  you won’t find him at a public meeting.  He made no appearance at the Land & Traffic meetings, city council, MAP or Community Updates.   The Legislative Update held regularly in Muncie was canceled simply because he was out-of-state.   It was more important to be in Urbana then to be in Muncie listening to you, giving YOU updates on current legislation.

The evening Dennis Tyler announced he was running for mayor at the Democrat Headquarter, he was surrounded by his supporters, former Delaware County prosecutor Mark McKinney, Commissioner Todd Donati,  Alison Quirk, Sam Marshall, former Democrat Chair Phil Nichols and Jim Mansfield.

The local newspaper article read: ….instead promising to lead the community “from the inside out” with a coalition of political, private sector, clergy and educational leaders.

From the names of those who attended his announcement it looks like he had already started on leading from the “inside out” with his coalition of political insiders, that is.

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