Star Press Endorsements: Muncie City Council At-Large Candidates

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Murray Bartholome

President of Midwest POS Solutions, brings a solid business and financial background to the council, which he says currently lacks skills in diplomacy. He told the board he would like to see a council action plan developed, and believes it’s necessary for the council to conduct more than one council meeting a month. He wants to foster an environment that encourages people to speak their point. A mission statement and a code of ethics for the council are facets of his action plan.

Linda Gregory

One incumbent, however, does stand out. Our top pick to serve is incumbent Linda Gregory. She has been referred to informally as the voice of reason on the council and has been ostracized by her fellow Democrats for often siding with Republicans and refusing to toe the party line. She is seeking her second term, and we hope the retired senior programmer/analyst will maintain her streak of independence

Kathie Onieal

A licensed financial investment adviser with Raymond James and a small business owner, brings a strong financial background to the table and is running for the first time. She told the board that people want to be part of something successful, which is her goal for the council. “I’m not a politician,” she told the board. “I’m not the type to drink the Kool-Aide.”

We believe she would bring a no-nonsense, “tell-it-like-it-is” quality to the council without the ugliness. Her knowledge developing and serving Muncie Action Plan is a bonus for the city. She explains MAP is not “a thing to do” but is a process for the whole community, one she would like to see repeated about every two years.

Muncie Star Press 10-30-11

ENDORSEMENT: Muncie City Council at-large requires a change

Please consider voting for these candidates November 8th, 2011.  You won’t find a better, more dedicated group of people willing to serve to the best of their ability.  It’s time for a change, it really is.  Let’s see how Muncie can progress into the 21st Century!

Had Enough?

Vote Informed.


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