Why I Won’t Vote for Dennis Tyler ~ Part Two

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  • In 2011 Dennis Tyler voted NO on the state budget which included provisions for no tax increases and had a satisfactory reserve in 2013. (HB1001)

  •  He voted NO to pass a bill which eliminated nepotism and conflict of interest while holding public office.  Both of these bills protect the taxpayers for two very obvious reasons. (HB1022)
  • In 2010 Dennis Tyler voted NO to delay the tax increase on business until 2011 when the economy (hopefully) improves.  . (SB23)
  • In 2009 Dennis Tyler was a member of House Committee on Government and Regulatory Reform  and combined five bills into one and then promptly voted it down   The bills included such things as moving school board elections to November, conflict of interest, provide for voter referendum on  government consolidation and establish the use of vote centers. Voted NO.


  • He voted YES on Regional Transportation Districts, a new taxing unit controlled by boards without restriction, unrestricted powers and can be created without a referendum of voters affected. (SB374)
  • In 2007 Dennis Tyler voted YES  which increased property taxes,  decrease in the Homestead Standard Deduction., introduced Local Option Income Tax (LOIT).  Voted YES to increase pay by 20%. (HB1478 & SB401)

Dennis Tyler said he never voted for a tax increase in his six years as state representative during the Mayoral Debate.  This comment wasn’t being fair to the people.  He did vote for tax increases.  It’s just worded in Dennis Tyler’s vernacular. 

Dennis Tyler didn’t want to have a special session on property taxes in the summer of 2007.   He voted to increase your property taxes and decrease your homestead deduction.  He voted a for a perpetual 20% raise for himself, though.

Dennis Tyler didn’t vote for consolidation as he claimed at a forum last summer.  He did just the opposite. By combining the bills on reform into one, he guaranteed the passage would be dead in the water. 

 City Council and County Commissioners placed a 67% vote threshold on the modernization, it was our local officials attempt to ensure it failed.   Dennis Tyler will not be  “new” and “improved”, but rather a continuation of what we have had for years.

Dennis Tyler has campaigned on jobs each and  every time he wants your vote. His record has shows no votes or legislation conducive for job creation.  Nor is he considered the go to guy  when it comes to making our area a strong economic environment.  Taxing businesses which creates jobs in a down-turned economy is wrong!

Dennis Tyler has received such low ratings from pro-business organizations such as Indiana Chamber of Commerce, Indiana Manufacturing Association and the Indiana National Federation of Independent Businesses.

In his mailer Dennis Tyler said “He worked to retain  the Community Revitalization Economic Enhancement District that helped attract Progress Rail to locate to the former ABB facility.”   CReEd for this area was established by Governor Joe Kernan in 2004, it has a 15 year track and it wasn’t going anywhere.  (He was the Delaware County Democrat chairperson in 2004.)

Dennis Tyler has mentioned on more than one occasion, the pools of money available.  He spoke about EDIT, grants, Community Development funds and TIF.   So, I wonder if he is eyeing these areas as just another avenue to spend more.

Dennis Tyler is intertwined with the Democrats that are supported by the Democrat Central Committee.  What we have seen once they have been in office, has been costly for the people of Muncie and Delaware County.  Some of the most hideous expenses to the taxpayers, along with poor management and embarassing moments have been through their governing.  A few examples would be the Justice Center, Royerton Sewer, Muncie City budget cuts, tax increases, and currently the county’s debt of $8 million dollars.

Based on Dennis Tyler’s voting record and what we have seen so far coming from elected officials fully supported by the local Democrat party, do you really believe Dennis Tyler will be any different? 

Do you really?

Had Enough?

Vote informed!

Why I won’t vote for Dennis Tyler Part One

Mayor Sharon McShurley or Dennis Tyler


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