A Sad Evening for Muncie City

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Well, by now you all probably know Mayor Sharon McShurley lost her re-election bid.  We had some of the finest candidates you can imagine.  A city left with money, roads paved, no borrowing for two years so on and so forth.

To say this is a big disappointment is an understatement  However, we have survived and we will survive.

Mr. Dennis Tyler has promised many things during his campaign to his supporters and his party.  The next four years is when the rubber meets the road.  The voters have spoken and this is the government they desire as the majority.  We will need to accept this and move on.

For me, I still believe the city will be facing the same financial straits as the county in the years to come.  Only time will tell if I am correct on my prediction.  Even so, I believed the county would be broke by 2009 and it was.  But, so be it.

I want the best for Muncie, and always have.



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