A “Thank You” to the department heads and employees ~ City of Muncie.

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The purpose of this entry today, is to simply introduce you to the department heads and employees which helped make this city great the last four years.  It would be impossible to mention each and everyone by name, and for that I apologize if anyone has been left out.  The city employees are some of the finest people you will ever meet.  Working tirelessly to take our city into the 21st Century with progressive ideas and an overall perfomance that is unbeatable.

I am very proud of our city and much of that pride can be attributed to these very people.  A HUGE thank you.

A special thanks to Mayor Sharon McShurley for sharing the vision, successes and the obstacles with the people of Muncie.   Without the city updates and presentations during the Chat with the Mayor, Muncie would still be an illusive and sometimes complicated government. 

So, without further ado.

Muncie Parks Superintendent Matt Bailey – Filling the shoes of his predecessor, Doug Zook, better than one could hope.  Seeing Tuhey Pool and Canan Commons through completion, he was also responsible for ADA compliant playground equipment in several parks.  Much of the funding came from private sources.   Friendly, humourous, intelligent and dedicated.  Matt has a Bachelor of Arts from Indiana University.

Fire Chief Sean Burcham – Leading a fire department through tremendous times.   To say that Mr. Burcham had a difficult tenure as the fire chief would be an understatement.  Sean has had numerous classes and certifications and is a 22 year veteran of the MFD.

Grant Writer Sherri Contos  – Sherri, a contract employee,  was instrumental in securing a $150,000 grant to extend Cardinal Greenway at Prairie Creek reservoir, along with mountain trails.  Buley Center,  Energy Grant and worked tirelessly for Google Fiber award.  She worked on the SAFER grant.  Sherri has a BA in Economics.

Police Chief Deb Davis –  Chief Davis is one of my favorite department heads.  Coming up with innovative and cost saving ideas for the Police Force.  Like Chief Burcham, she dealt with financial shortfalls and budget cuts like a pro.  People have often commented on the improvements within the department. 

Community Development Director Connie Gregory – From January 2008 through 2011, Connie managed millions of dollars in federal funds.  Moving the CD from being dangerously close to a shut down by the Federal Government to a shining example of how a federal program should be administered.  She has done a fantastic job.  Connie will be retiring in December.   Connie has both a Bachelors and a Masters in Elementary education.   She will be missed.

Superintendent Board of Public Works Pete Heuer – In 2011 Pete Heuer was responsible for nearly $7.5 million dollars in infrastructure improvements.  The projects included, but not limited to,  25 lane miles of paving , 20 lane miles of pavement/cracked sealing  and  107 lane miles of pavement markings/striping.  Completed Phases 3 & 4 of the White River Greenway project (partnership between Cardinal Greenway and City of Muncie).  Muncie expects to take delivery of  a 16 ½ ton dump truck/snow plow and two 1 ton dump trucks/snow plows.  Funding for the equipment was secured through a federal grant.   Pete’s education is  Bachelor of Science – College of Applied Sciences Technology, Industry and Technology.  He is INDOT Trained and Certified.

City Controller Mary Ann Kratochvil – A Certified Public Accountant, Mary Ann knew the budget like nobody’s business.  Dealing with State audits, Department of Local Government Finance and a decrease in revenue couldn’t have been a walk in the park.   Mary Ann always told it like it was.  Honest, straight forward and there was never any doubt in the minds of the people, she felt a tremendous amount of responsibilty to the city.  Mary Ann received her BS at Kent State University, has over 20 years in the private sector, six years as Muncie Deputy Controller and four years as the City’s Controller.

Executive Assistant Stephanie LeBlanc– Stephanie came to the City of Muncie after working for the Red Cross for five years.  Her experience in office administration spans 20 years of non-profit, private, public and government sectors.    Two years into her employment found her the lone person in the office.   Stephanie is one of the kindest and dedicated people I have had the pleasure to meet.  A transplant, she has fallen in love with the city most of us call home.  She is a graduate of Indiana Wesleyan University

Prairie Creek Superintendent Bobby Patterson – Bobby worked closely with former Parks Superintendent, Doug Zook, in realizing a profit at PCR.  He oversaw the installation of the $50,000 playground equipment and promoted PCR to the outside world.  Bobbie received the Good Government award in 2009 for his efforts in improveing Prairie Creek.

Building commissioner Steve Selvey – Appointed after Jerry Friend retired.  Mr. Selvey came to the table with a wealth of knowledge and experience in the building trades.  He was a project manager for Muncie Community Schools and Ball State University.  He holds a BA in Finance from Ball State University.

Director Energy Department Dick Shirey – Dick was instrumental in securing a three-year energy grant as deputy mayor.  With these funds, Muncie wa able to change traffic lights to LED saving thousands of dollars for our city.  As Deputy Mayor he did double duty as the interim Board of Public Works Superintendent.


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