Delaware County Fair Grandstands~Part Two

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Funny how some things work out.  Just the other day I was looking for something of interest which had nothing to do with the Delaware County Fair and the grandstands proposed expenditure.  Out of nowhere pops an article from the Muncie Star Press written  in July 2007.    Yep, the headlines grabbed my attention.

Facilities improved in time for this year’s county fair

During 2006 and 2007 nearly $200,000.00 worth of repairs were made to the grandstands.  The roof was on the list of improvements.  County Engineer Michael Denton said it would cost less to repair the roof than to take it down.

Other improvements included new chain link fence, new seats, new walks, new stand for the judges, structural repairs and safety additions.  A couple of years prior, according to the article, new lights and ticket office was added.

I’m not sure what has changed from 2007 to 2011,  but volunteers provided earth moving equipment to tear down the motorcross track back then.  I wonder if volunteers could assist in the removal of the dilapidated grandstands.  Sure would save some money.

It’s hard to say how much it would have cost the County if bulldozers and other like equipment had a price tag attached to the Delaware County Fair budget in 2007.

“The grandstand is safe and the roof has been repaired” said Jane Lasater.  “Now the grandstand needs to be painted to make it look nicer.  It’s rusty.”

There is some rumblings the stands could be repaired for $90,000.00 but I think  they’re toying with a $900,000.00 bond.  Since 2006 and including the current estimated price tag, the county will have invested over $1 million dollars in the grandstand area.  That is if the $900,000.00 financing comes through.

2011 wasn’t that great of a year for generating money.  First the Band Day and then the Antique Tractors.  Sure, they filled it with other “attractions” but didn’t make very much money.

You would think 21 people could come up with better ideas to expand the exhibits to draw more people.  As 2012 comes in, let’s hope we see some innovative and progressive ways to increase attendance and interest.

Perhaps the move to change from admission fee to parking fee wasn’t so hot of an idea after all. 

Grandstanding for the grandstands


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