From the Office of Mike Pence 3-5-12

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Dear Friend,

The following newsletter provides a short summary of important issues that came before Congress over the past few weeks. My goal for this and future newsletters is to keep you informed on a variety of topics, including legislation being considered in Congress, events happening in the district, and my perspective on current issues.  I welcome your feedback.

Thanks for reading,

Mike Pence

A word from MunciePolitics.  I consider Congressman Mike Pence a true statesman.  As I begin to slowly investigate the early signers, founding fathers, the presidents and others which lead our country to greatness, certain characteristics stand out.  Despite their faults, these men (and women) moved out country forward with visions for our Nation which far surpass our wildest dreams.  Had Congressman Pence been born in this era, we would, no doubt find his name in the parchmants in the Library of Congress. 

Disaster Assistance Information:

Disaster Status Update: Click here to view information from the Indiana Department of Homeland Security.

Pence Expresses Condolences, Pledges to Seek Federal Assistance for Tornado Victims – “Karen and I are heartbroken and offer our condolences and prayers to the people of southern Indiana in the wake of the deadly storms. As the recovery and rebuilding efforts get underway, I look forward to working with Governor Daniels and the rest of the Indiana congressional delegation as we assess the damage and investigate what resources may be available from the federal level.” Click here to read the release.

Pence Talks High Gas Prices –“On behalf of hard-working Hoosiers and everyday Americans who are struggling with the prices at the pump I say to this administration, ‘Accept the Keystone Pipeline, approve more domestic exploration, abandon your head-long rush toward regulation and a national energy tax, and let’s give Americans real relief at the pump.'” Click here to read more.


Pence Votes to Avoid Tax Increase on Working Families – U.S. Congressman Mike Pence voted in support of the conference report on H.R. 3630, the Middle Class Tax Relief and Job Creation Act of 2011. “While I would have preferred this conference report was more than another piecemeal approach to tax relief, the question we face today is whether this Congress is going to avoid a tax increase on working families.” Click here to read more.

Pence Supports Private Property Rights – Congressman Pence supported H.R. 1433, the Private Property Rights Protection Act of 2012. “We must ensure that our Constitutional rights are upheld for everyone and that ‘public use’ does not extend to unjust takings of property for economic development.” Click here to read more.

Pence Votes for the “Stop Trading on Congressional Knowledge (STOCK) Act” – Congressman Pence voted for the House Amendment to S. 2038, the STOCK Act, which prohibits Members of Congress and employees of Congress from using nonpublic information derived from their official positions for personal benefit. Click here to read more.


Pence Supports Repeal of Provision of ObamaCare – Congressman Pence supported H.R. 1173, the Fiscal Responsibility and Retirement Security Act of 2011. “This bill will repeal the CLASS Act created under ObamaCare. The CLASS Act would have created a new government-run long-term care insurance program. Recently, the Obama administration abandoned the CLASS Act after admitting that its benefit structure would be, in the words of HHS Secretary Sebelius, ‘totally unsustainable.’” Click here to read more.

Pence Supports Compiling Oral History of Members Involved in Civil Rights Movement – “Every American should know the story of Montgomery and Selma. Thanks to courageous Americans like Dr. King, Congressman John Lewis, Dorothy Cotton and F.D. Reese, these cities have become an integral part of the American story in our nation’s unrelenting march toward a more perfect union.” Click here to read more.

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