Prairie Creek ~ The Perennial Political Football

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Last week I wrote about the woeful lack of representation by our elected mayor, Dennis Tyler at the MSD public hearing.  We heard, via the Star Press story chats,Tyler did meet with the MSD board.    The newspaper didn’t write about that meeting, and we have no idea what was discussed between the MSD board and Mayor Tyler.

There may have been a meeting.

 And if so, this makes it even more perplexing as why Tyler wasn’t at the hearing and why the secrecy behind the alleged meeting.  No doubt if Tyler had met and tried his darndest to phase in the increases, surely some notice would have been made available to the public. 

A press release or a  document from the administration detailing his plan  to the MSD would have been released to the property owners and citizens of Muncie, Indiana.  Something, anything to inform the people of his intent.  Why do I believe this?  Well, if you have read the media blitz on Tyler over the past few days, it’s very odd that not a word about MSD board and Tyler can be found.

On Wednesday we learned the bath house at Prairie Creek Reservoir, has been “condemned”.  A visual inspection by none other than a former Delaware County highway garage superintendent and former state legislator/fireman have determined the building to be in deplorable condition.  

  1. First, isn’t it the job of the building commissioner to condemn a building or deem it unsafe?   
  2. Second, the administration waited until four weeks before the “unofficial” opening to get the building inspected?

A price tag of $30,000.00 was thrown out for the public to chew on.   

 It was a major mistake for Mayor Dennis Tyler to not appear at the MSD public hearing on behalf of Muncie residents who are being subjected to fee and rate increases.   Time to shift the focus… and so he pulls Prairie Creek out of his hat. 

Exactly one week after the MSD public hearing, Mayor Dennis Tyler inspects the bath house.  Considering both #1 and #2 above, what is the role of the building commissioner, and why wasn’t the building inspected in January?  The weather has been accommodating

PCR has been a political football and it doesn’t look like the game is going to end anytime soon.

You can look for PCR to return as a political and costly hog like we saw in 2007.

Bath house may need replaced

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