Scott Alexander ~ County Council At-Large ~ Vote November 6, 2012

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 Scott Alexander spoke at the Bowen Center – Institute on Political Participation,  March 25th, 2012.   The Institute on Political Participation began in 1981 to encourage students and citizens to become involved in the political process and engage in civic duties.  Every year the Institute holds a two-day seminar where attendees have the opportunity to listen, learn and interact with key people in public office, media, political analysts and private sector leaders.

Scott Alexander is a leader.

In 2007 Scott joined the ranks of citizens all over Delaware County and the State of Indiana in pursuit of  better government speaking before a crowd of over 700 people addressing the property tax issues and the need for reform.    With  resolve and determination he partnered with other like-minded citizens both local and state-wide.

Scott Alexander is pro-active and involved.

Travelling to the Indiana State House meeting with Governor Daniels and various other elected House and Senate Representatives, Scott has been hard at work. Here on the streets and roads of Delaware County, he has been just as diligent.   Attending every conceivable government meeting and speaking before the elected officials on issues concerning our government.   He helped spearhead the collection of 2200+ signatures on the petition to modernize government outlined in the Kernan-Shepard Report.

Scott Alexander is steadfast.

Scott, along with Cary Malchow,  invested six months  pursuing  the possibility tax dollars collected from Morrison Road TIF could be restructered .  The effort alone,  saw thousands of tax dollars returned to the schools and other taxing entities.

January 2012, Scott Alexander presented at the third Annual Property Tax Assessment Help Day seminar.   Property owners  received guidance in the process of appealing their property assessments.  The seminar provided the educational tools needed to understand how your property is taxed and the rights provided to you by law.

Scott Alexander undestands the issues of  property owners.

In addition to Scott’s involvement in local, and state government, he is loving father and husband and business owner.

I hope you will agree, Scott Alexander, is a proven leader and without a doubt will move Delaware County forward.

Presenting at Bowen Center.
Scott at Bowen Center.
Scott Alexander 3rd Annual Property Assessment Help Day

Learn more about the Property Tax Assessment Help Day (including video of the seminar) HERE.

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