Malchow and VAT ~ The answer my friend, is blowing in the wind…

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Why should Cary Malchow be Delaware County’s next commissioner? There are a variety of reasons supporting Malchow as the best person for the job. For the sake of time, let’s look at one of the recent financial expenditures of our elected commissioners.


June of 2009, The Delaware County Redevelopment Commission voted to spend $645,000 in property tax revenue on streetlights and an additional $255,000 on a wind turbine. By now, we all know the majority of street lights are not functioning properly, and the remainder is being stored at Borg Warner. We haven’t gotten the jobs promised and although the County paid for the wind vane in full, we haven’t yet received it.

No matter, the county is suing for reimbursement of the wind turbine/vane. Don’t expect the bucks anytime soon.

You may be wondering what Cary Malchow has to do with VAT and why he should be the next County Commissioner. Here is your answer. Malchow has been a permanent fixture at nearly every Redevelopment meeting. He has been following the VAT saga from the beginning.

I often review City Council minutes and as far back as September 2009, Malchow was questioning Morrison TIF monies and VAT. Malchow had given City Council a copy of the contract and asked if the City Council felt comfortable in using city tax dollars at Park One, six miles outside of the Morrison TIF district.

At the time Malchow was voicing his concern with City Council, the contract with VAT had not been signed.   However the Delaware County Commissioners had already began making payments totaling over $1,350,000.00. (Three payments of $450,000.00 each.)

City Council like their counterparts County Council and County Commissioners ignore the concerns of citizens and in this case it cost us $1.5 million green backs.

Cary asked the County Commissioners to seek  reimbursement of the $255,000, which they have, although with no success.  It’s a classic case of Buyer Beware.  Investing tax dollars in a product you have yet to receive or paying before the contract is finalized is not good practice.

“You can sit there all day and ask questions,” Donati told Malchow at one point. “We’re going to give you the same answers. You can’t get blood from a turnip.”

Source: Delaware County officials cited millions in debt from the failed streetlight maker SP 3-23-12

Donati complained about the perceptions surrounding VAT were negative and all the county wanted to do was jump on the “green bandwagon”.  Despite his willingness to be green, the simple truth is Delaware County invested $1.3 million of our green BEFORE the contract was even sealed. 

The logical question to ask is why wouldn’t Todd Donati,  a veteran  county council member prior to being elected as commissioner,  understand you don’t invest tax dollars before a contract is signed? 

The answer, my friend, is blowing in the wind.  The answer is blowing in the wind.


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