Muncie Indiana – What’s happening in our city?

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O.K. I’ll make this brief. Just how much has the spending or wish list amounted to so far?

April the estimated spending (based upon newspaper articles) according to the figures was $1,490,450.00. Included in that figure was the cost of Mock Station, Downtown Development, Community organizations, Roberts Hotel, etc. Well, I was off a few bucks.

Mayor Dennis Tyler released his EDIT spending and the figure came in at $1,536,507.00 a difference of $46,057. 00. The spending plan differed slightly from the earlier newspaper articles, but really, who cares?

Next on the agenda is the purchase of a fire truck at $879,647 pending approval of City Council. We purchased new trucks less than three years ago and acquired Center Township’s well-oiled and maintained fleet.

It’s been rumored that City Council approved a salary increase for Phil Peckinpaugh, Animal Control Director, and his salary is hovering around the $60,000.00 mark. Nothing in the paper, so keep it under your hat until it has been confirmed. This will make the director one of the highest paid department heads in the current Muncie administration.

But not in the county.

Brad Bookout, received a salary of $55,000.00, plus expenses and some office space. He is currently hovering around $145,000.00 a year. Can you say he is 1%?

Let’s move on to some other interesting tidbits. A year or so ago, Public Access Channel (PA60) was doomed when Muncie City Council cut $30,000.00 for operating expenses from the budget. Today, when Mayor Tyler dropped in EDIT funds it is back up and running complete with a billboard of Mayor Tyler’s face on Martin Luther King Blvd. Sure, I have always supported PA60, but unfortunately, so many of the public seemed to want it gone. I wonder where they stand today as they are silent as a church mouse. I suppose many are holding positions in the current administration. Still, if you felt so strongly about it, seems all their complaining was nothing but a bunch of hot air. Meaningless.

A few weeks ago Mayor Dennis Tyler talked about changing the parking structure at Tuhey Pool. Much to my surprise, ex-city council president Sam Marshall praised the mayor. Sam Marshall cut the the funding for Tuhey Pool’s utilities, nearly shutting it down. Again, what a bunch of malarkey Council person Linda Gregory asked that a break down of President Marshall cuts be read into the minutes – that was six months ago. Last time I checked nothing was on the website.

Earlier I wrote about Mayor Dennis Tyler’s absence at the MSD hearing. He was absent from the meeting with the Downtown planners, absent from University Area Landlords Association (UALA) bi-yearly meeting, The building inspector canceled the meeting with UALA 30 minutes before it started. And absent from the meeting on Peckinpaugh’s raise. Every one of these meetings affects or contributes to the City of Muncie,,,greatly. So, where is he?

Just a few weeks ago, the City of Muncie cut a check for $1.8 million dollars to Delaware County. That money is going into the county general fund. The problem with E911 is the city taxpayers were being dinged for the cost. The concern was Muncie citizens were paying for more than just our fair share of the communications cost. We are.

I wonder who really represents the people of Muncie?

Where is Dennis Tyler?

One thought on “Muncie Indiana – What’s happening in our city?

    Don said:
    August 21, 2013 at 9:31 pm

    60,000 for someone with a BS in public communication? Something wrong if that’s the truth.


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