Dis-FUNctional – Are we having fun in Delaware County or what!

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Delaware County is so political, it takes the fun out of being dis-FUNctional.  It  doesn’t matter what the topic, or flavor of the day,  it’s political.  Payback can be good or a detriment, depending on what side of the “dis-FUNction” you sit, stand or walk on.  Sometimes you get a job, or your truck paid off or even a construction contract.

Case in point.  The Muncie Sanitary District and Mayor Dennis Tyler.   Mayor Tyler claimed at the mayoral debate, he was able to work across party lines, he just can’t seem to do it.  Supporters of the mayor never said a word about Economic Development Income Tax funds going to pay for a law firm just so Mayor Tyler can gain the last bit of control over the $168 million dollar storm-water project.  So, the political games continue and the taxpayers and citizens will be forking over more money.  That’s the way it has always worked.

First we had the Justice Center, talk about the political football!

With the political appointments made to the Board of Supervisors (BOS) was filled to over-flowing with party supporters.  By the time it was all said and done, Delaware County was on the hook for additional bonds (covering the cost overruns), purchased a boat-load of  Bull computers…and even got to pay for storage of the dis-FUNctional pieces of modern technology and a lawsuit in which one attorney lost his license to practice.  The County Commissioners, even gave the poor unemployed attorney a pass on his fines.  Later he won his appeal on a technicality getting his license reinstated.  Witnesses for the prosecution were placed in the same room…that’s a no-no.  He was good to go.

We made national news on that one.  Along with the lady who shot her toe off because she had a corn.  No, I’m not making this stuff up.

Are we having fun yet?

Hamilton Township a/k/a Royerton Sewer had major sewage problems, and the residents turned to our local government for help.  It started out uneventful, until the board was appointed.  The residents being upset as no one from the area was appointed had good reason..  Appointed to the board were wives of the coroner and current Democrat party.  Nothing political there (rolling eyes.).  What started out at a $5 million project quickly tripled to $15 million in a few short years.   No biggie, as Royerton got a sewer system.   Twice.  Yep, it was put together with duct tape.  Duct tape can be the homeowner’s very best friend.  Not so good for connecting sewer pipes, though.

To help finance the second re-installation, the county commissioner borrowed money from the Cowan Rd. project.  Someone forgot to tell the contractor hired for the road repairs.  Well…except the newspaper was kind enough to inform the company.  “Sorry, your on hold.  Delaware County needs that money for collateral to pay for a dis-FUNctional sewer system, again.”

Guess who picked the tab up on the replacement dis-FUNctional sewer installation?

Having fun yet?

The same attorney involved in the Justice Center was the same attorney for the county during the Hamilton Sewer fiasco.  The man became county commissioner all with the help of his party and a “ringer” candidate on the ballot.  Four years later set his sights  to run for Judge in District 2, but the local party chair preferred his sister over the commissioner.   So, the poor guy doesn’t have a district’ (thanks to redistricting) and he didn’t have party support for his run in 2012.  Sometimes it just doesn’t pay to be a good solder.  Besides being elected to the commissioner’s seat, he is the attorney for the Delaware County Health Department.  Recently, it was suggested he take his county insurance plan with him once he leaves the board of health.  Well, that didn’t sit well, because currently the county is about $850,000 in the hole on county employee insurance premiums and claims.  Ooops.

Having fun yet?

Speaking of insurance, here’s a quick one slid by the people in 2012.   Can we spell D-I-S-F-U-N-C-T-I-O-N?

Delaware County dumped an expensive insurance company as soon as new leadership was voted in.  If you remember Culpepper was the insurance “agent on record.” about the same time as Royerton Sewer was kicking off.    Mayor Tyler in his  2003 mayoral bid, campaigned on  combining city and county insurance.   Tyler  was adamant Culpepper would have no place in his administration. Tyler’s opponent in the race,   Mayor Canan,  mentioned the political and costly insurance the taxpayers saw under the County Commissioners.   Reminding the people, once again, how expensive a dis-FUNctional government can be.

Tyler responded, ‘I can tell you this: there no place in my administration for Pepper Cooper.”

Cooper has been repeatedly criticized, Tyler said, and that’s not the way Tyler would hope to start a new administration.

City insurance debate centers around Cooper Muncie Star Press August 28, 2003

Tyler tried again for the mayoral position in 2011 and won.  A few months into his administration guess who shows up?  You got it, Culpepper.  Mayor Tyler change the city’s liability insurance from a local bank to an  out-of=state insurance company employing Culpepper as the Indiana agent.

Having fun yet?

In 2004 the last of the Delaware County officials during the Royerton Sewer installation ousted, one being Todd Donati, I was sure we had seen the last of him.  But being enablers, the voters placed him back in office.  Sure the predictions in 2008 the county would be broke and in need of borrowing $11 million bucks came true…one wonders if it is the gift of clairvoyance.  Nope,  the history of a dis-FUNctional government is  just that easy to predict.    I mean how many times do we repeat the same mistakes over and over again before we learn?

Having fun yet?

The old guard is aging and the torch is being passed to their off-spring.  You find their names permeating every area of our government.  From public defenders to party chairs.  Even in elected positions.  If you have the misfortune to not be related, and that’s rare, you simply participate in public forums or hit the ground running for candidate of your choice.  (Well, not really YOUR choice, the party’s choice.)  Guaranteed to get you a coveted spot somewhere, be it a job or a board appointment.    In 20 or 30 years their kids will be in charge and they will be ousting the “good soldiers”, too.

Having fun yet?

Muncie Sanitary District, like the Justice Center and Royerton Sewer will hit your pockets deep.  But it won’t matter, because being dis-FUNctional allows you to repeat the same mistakes again and again without every breaking the cycle.  Dis-FUNctional families, people, relationships and government all have one thing in common.  They are supported by enablers.

Having fun yet?

Mayor Tyler is already positioning himself for the board take over of MSD and MITS.  Just like the county took over the Airport Authority complete with a raise for the head honcho in the works.

Having fun yet?


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