Seeking full-time Donkey Whisperers in Delaware County. Steady employment.

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In the opinion sections of newspapers, Lee Hamilton, former U.S. House Representative,  wrote Some suggestions for improving Congress For the most part it’s interesting.  Love him or hate him,  depends on his topic.   For example,  Hamilton spoke at Minnetrista Center May 2011, the topic?   Civility in Civics. Sadly,  many of our elected officials didn’t show to hear his presentation

Perhaps if the Democrats had gone to hear Mr. Hamilton speak, they may have refrained from acting the fools on election night. I am pretty sure nobody sang  “Ding dong, Donati’s gone. Donati’s gone, Donati’s gone. Ding dong, Donati’s gone  when he lost his commissioner’s seat last November, and he is a red-blooded, toe-the-line party Democrat foot soldier.

Yet, election night 2011, Democrats  party loyalists sang with gusto “ding dong the witch is dead” they left messages on answering machines, they flocked like crazed maniacs to the public forums and posted over 200 comments in just a few hours.

Their candidate wins and this is how they celebrate?  This topic is better left for another day, another time.

If you are interested more of Hamilton’s writings visit Center on Congress.

Did you know every two years we vote for one person to represent us in Congress? Uh huh.    But, I’m not here to talk about Congress…  I’m here to talk about irony, double standards, and just plain donkey dung.
We are reasonably familiar with the new “social media” which allows common folks to voice thoughts, and exercise their 1st Amendment rights.  So today, I am going to focus on a comment written in response to Hamilton’s op-ed.

Mike posted: “Normally, I believe that Mr. Hamilton is so full of BS that he squeaks when he walks, but today this letter actually made some sense to me. Maybe the ideal solution to this ever increasing problem of party loyalty and strict adherence to the demands of special interest groups is term limits..this would surely remove the fear of doing something that alienates the party chiefs and lobbyists…”

Why isn’t the same attitude applied to local politics?  I mean, party loyalties permeate every crack and crevice of our fair county.  Every two years, give or take, we go to the polls and have the opportunity to disavow party loyalty.

Do we?  Nah.

Which is why I find “Mike’s” comment so humorous.     When party loyalists win over honest and more qualified candidates, guess they aren’t listening to “Mike’s” advice. Our mayor assured the audience he was able to work across party lines.  In fact, as a District 34 State Representative, he never asked anyone their party affiliation.  Wow.

After his big win, and I do mean big, he laughed when asked if he would appoint any Republican.   “I doubt it. We have more than enough qualified Democrats.”  In other words, every person, good or bad, that supported him will have a place at the “cool” kids table. Every appointed position, board appointment, filled by a party loyalists or supporters.

Popular city council members are removed or excluded from city council positions or business.  This happens when you serve the people and not the party.

Of course, you understand, it is in the power of the mayor and elected officials to appoint and hire who they will.  Nothing illegal about hiring an inexperienced supporter.  If you are already in a position and speak your mind, you probably won’t be on the board.

We saw that with the MITS board member Carl Kizer.    Council member Mary Jo Barton indicated the length of Kizer’s service made it time for a change.  The irony is Barton been in office nearly 20 years and Kizer a 27 year board member.    Barton still doesn’t know what’s going on.

“You can’t argue with positive results, but you can prevent them by interfering,” Greg Smith.

Delaware County is having trouble attracting businesses to the area.  We drink too much, we smoke too much, we are too fat, could be legitimate reasons, probably are.  Outsiders are very well aware of the politics in play and the financial problems.  It’s a combination of things, really.

Delaware County is still loyal to their top dogs. I wonder if “Mike” thinks party loyalty is a problem here.  I would venture to say no, since it is his party.

3 thoughts on “Seeking full-time Donkey Whisperers in Delaware County. Steady employment.

    Todd said:
    January 25, 2013 at 11:33 am

    Old Hillbilly Mitch made it where they will not take our guns.It will still take 60 votes.


    munciepolitics said:
    January 25, 2013 at 9:47 pm

    Who is Hillbilly Mitch?


    munciepolitics said:
    January 25, 2013 at 11:31 pm

    Reblogged this on Muncie Politics and commented:

    Breaking news: Donati will take on Baldwin’s duties overseeing the Muncie Redevelopment Commission and the Muncie Industrial Revolving Loan Fund. His formal title is director of business development for the Muncie-Delaware County Economic Development Alliance and his pay will be, according to Donati, about $69,000 a year.
    ECI ranked between 1 or 2 place in Indiana for highest unemployment. A steady 35 months in the dubious position in Indiana. Millions of dollars invested for job creation, yet look at our ranking. The millions should have be used to improve our county so we could attract business. We have no idea how much money has been spent. We can pull a few pieces of available numbers. and make a best guess. We need an independent audit and if we could get it, we would be sick to our stomach. From there we take the amount of jobs created, divide jobs into the millions and get a true cost for each job.
    Next time Councilmen Mike Jones cries about no money and points the finger at citizens , we should ask him to produce a full economic report. They pay for studies, give us, the people, an independent audit. Then we will know where we truly strand. Mayor McShurley was savvy enough to request it so no one could say $7.5 million wasn’t there. C’mon Delaware County, if a women can produce accurate financial accounts, why can’t you?


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