Saturday ramblings – 1%; Silence is golden and the LLL Club

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The snow is white, the sky is pale blue and the air is crisp.  Despite the return of the head cold, life is pretty good.  Saturdays are sleep in, casual cleaning and cinnamon French Toast with real maple syrup.   Sipping a cup of yummy Free Trade java, don’t know about you, it’s the simple things I find so rewarding.  This is a long Saturday rambling.

Delaware County (ECI) for the past 38 months ranked between one or two in the state for unemployment.  Despite the millions of tax dollars former County Commissioner Todd Donati spent, still no jobs or businesses.  Voters ousted him in November.  Muncie mayor, Dennis Tyler, brought him  back as head of Economic Development with a salary of nearly $70,000.00.  Tyler called Donati experienced in economic development.  That’s funny, I don’t care who you are.

Muncie City Council, City of Muncie and Muncie Sanitary District all represented by the same law firm.   Muncie Sanitary District president is doubling as the MSD district administrator.  The law firm and the MSD president own property downtown.  Between these two entities nearly $400,000.00 of tax dollars was awarded for facade improvements on their buildings.  A few moths ago the county signed a lease for seven years at $72,000 a year.  Yep, that building is owned by the MSD president and was for sale for $175,000.  You do the math.

2011 saw Muncie ending the year with $7.5 million.  Nobody knows what the balance was in 2012. Since 2012 budget wasn’t passed 2012 was based on the 2011 budget – so should we have $7 million give or take?

Who is minding the store?

Delaware County Council will have a special meeting  on Friday to discuss health insurance and the rainy day fund.  Both are teetering on destruction.  Only one month into the year and already the problems have begun.   Even though candidates ran on the premise the county was in bad shape four years ago, that just wasn’t true.  Bad shape is what we are seeing today.

I dislike it when someone says “I told you so.”  Nevertheless, I told you so.

Between Donati being in charge of millions of city and county tax dollars and the County extending insurance for a part-time county appointed attorney – it’s going to take an Act of God to right this mess.  The MSD attorney is currently suing the county for injuries he sustained while employed by his other current employer, Delaware County.  (Yes, he is on both the city and county payroll.) Driving with an alcohol blood count four times over the legal limit, he ended the night by smashing into a dumpster.  Taxpayers should pay for his drunken night of fun,  he believes.

I don’t often speak on personal issues, today breaking the rule.  In 2009 City Council cut personnel and I was offered an opportunity to volunteer and pick up some of the duties..  Two years without pay, no political favors, not even an offer of a job! After the 2011 election, I was told  by a gloating Democrat “Your gravy train is ended.”  I chuckled picturing a real gravy train where you are rewarded with tax dollars used to employ family members.  If I was of the Gravy Train mindset, would gladly trade my unpaid gravy train for a million dollar tax-funded gravy train.

On more than one occasion I been criticized for my conservative stance. It bothers me not because I am firmly grounded and I know what I believe.  More importantly, why I believe.  As conservatives, we have an edge over liberals.  Their hope and belief centers around government as the answer.  Whereas conservatives believe in self-reliance and personal responsibility.  Knowing we are better equipped to run our lives than Washington.  This is the basic fundamental difference between a conservative and a liberal.

So, when an elected official publicly berates,  blames property-owning, tax paying and productive citizens for the county’s financial mess, remember Democrat loyalists blame others even when they are responsible.  It’s their nature to aggressively point out faults of those which contribute to the government coffers yet have NO say in how our money is spent.  We make the money, they take the money and we are the bad guys for asking where our money goes.  Ironic, huh?

Nobody solicited citizens’ input about the $7 million dollar bond, or the wheel tax, or  how the $8.3 million dollar refund was used.    The next time the elected officials point their pudgy little fingers in your face and blame you, gently remind them of their “Yes” votes on $700,000.00 Plaza Project and the $1.2 million Desoto sewer project.

$7 million bucks and a sewer system.

Delaware County has our own brand of 1%.  These are the wealthy land owners, attorneys, business people who receive tax dollars, paid appointed positions, insurance and political favors.  While county employees get their hours, pay and insurance cut, the lucrative and wealthy 1% get blessed with perks they should be able to afford to pay from their pockets and not ours.

With all the lefts’ hullabaloo about the 1%, the silence on this group is golden.  Maybe because this 1% is full of members from the Democrat 214 Club.  It’s funny, because the lower ranking Democrats are being taken by the higher ranking Democrats and they don’t even see it.

Which brings me to what is called Local Leftist Lib Club or the LLL Club. This group doesn’t just make me happy to be a conservative, it makes me ecstatic to be a conservative.    Members of the LLL Club never seem to be happy or satisfied.  Having a President they can worship, a congress they can be proud of and a city and county filled with their kind of people, it’s not enough.  Greed requires more and more to be fulfilled.

LLL members have a warped set of economic rules all native to the LLL.  They believe austerity creates debt.  The debt problem is not what ails America, it’s the demand problem.    Their sense of right and wrong is based on the person and not the act, this absolves the members from ever taking responsibility for their vote.  Sort of like spending the last four years blaming The Shrub.  Heaven forbid their savior, President Obama ever be held accountable.  Or their congress, either.

Members of this group have a shared set of standards.  It’s called the Double Standard.  The sad part is, if it weren’t for double standards, they would have no standards at all.  Perhaps this is the root cause for their dramatics.  Mention Perjuring Pelosi or Gun Ban Dianne and they fly off the handle.  It’s not like you insulted their mother or anything.  Going off on a verbal tirade about any conservative at any given moment is quite the normal reaction and is to be expected as well as pitied by Conservatives.

When you were a child, you thought and acted like a child.  Then you grew up to be a conservative and left the childish behavior behind.  Members of the LLL Club have not grown up, perhaps some day they will.

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