Stand with Rand….Trying to stop the Road to Surfdom

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Message from John Cusack via Wise Conservative.

Wise Conservatism

“For God’s sake, where are the democrats?”
tweet from John Cusack last night

It seems our president has forgotten the chain of command here in our government, and he seems to think that if he wants something, that he is in charge, so therefore no one should question him about his decisions.

In Obama’s eyes, he is not a president, but our monarch and he doesn’t have to answer for anything he is doing. The rally cry last night from ocean to ocean was Stand with Rand. And I had the CSPAN2 feed coming into my computer so I could watch it. And it was great. The democrats didn’t like it one little bit, but finally, Dick Durbin of Illinois stood and talked for a little bit, in an effort to just get his name into the mix. One that didn’t talk, and this completely disappointed me, was my own…

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