Delaware County broke

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Delaware County broke (click for video)

We’ve all heard the saying “kicking the can down the road” and this is exactly what Delaware County has done for the past four years.  Spending money, passing bonds, investing in pie in the sky economic development.  Creating Tax Increment Fund areas which removes tax revenue from the general fund.

From 1-1-09 the hiring and the spending, paying an employee’s truck off, renting space we can’t afford, dismantling the engineers position and giving a cousin $10,000 raise.

Crying because the city withheld  nearly $2 million dollars.  Blaming the city, yet receiving the funds brought no relief.  Closing the county building, reopening again.  $700,000 plaza project, a sewer system not needed.

Excuse after excuse while the well connected in this county benefitted.  We watched it unfold before our very eyes.


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