Dr. Brad Oliver on HB 1357

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  • I pulled this from Dr. Oliver’s Facebook Page.  I haven’t been following State Education bills all that closely.  However, I respect Dr. Oliver as a stellar educator and felt this is something to pass on.  
  • I am proud to be a professional educator. As such, today was an active day for professional educators, highlighted with both good news and bad news.

    At the State Board of Education meeting, we learned that REPA II has failed to make it through the rule promulgation process and subsequently will not be enacted. In my opinion, this is GREAT news! The State Board of Education will start the rule promulgation process over. Perhaps this time, the State Board of Education will listen carefully to the bipartisan testimony being offered on how to strengthen teacher and school leader preparation in Indiana.

    Sadly, the Senate Education Committee passed HB1357 which removes the need for school superintendents to hold a superintendent’s license. Subsequently, this means individuals will no longer need formal preparation to lead a school district (i.e., assuming a local school board is comfortable hiring an individual with no formal school administrationpreparation and no license).

    While most school boards will still insist that their school superintendents are formally prepared and well-trained, you will see a number of districts take advantage of new “flexibility” to hire individuals from outside the education profession. This bill is completely unnecessary. Indiana currently allows local school boards to petition the Indiana Department of Education for a waiver when a local board wants to hire someone who has not been formally prepared.

    I would encourage you to write to your State Senator and ask them to vote against HB1357. As someone who prepares school leaders, the thought of having individuals leading school districts who know nothing about the developmental needs of a child is quite disturbing.

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