Special speaker~ Nate LaMar

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American flag & eagleMuncie Tea Party

Kennedy Library
1700 W. McGalliard Rd
Muncie, IN 47304

Monday, April 22 – 6:30 P.M. to 8:30 P.M.

Special speaker: Nate LaMar

Nate is an International Regional Manager (manages sales & marketing in Latin America, Middle East / Africa, Central & South Asia) for Draper Inc, Spiceland.  Besides his appointments to many and varied boards, he has served as an interim Spanish Teacher at Muncie Central High School and French Teacher at Daleville where he raised funds to take students to Europe.  His involvement in his community includes active participation in Mt. Zion Wesleyan Church in rural New Castle, President of Henry County Council (DC lobbying trips 2008, 2009), President of five-county Eastern Indiana Development District, and 6th Congressional District Campaign Chairman for McCain/Palin. 

In the area of education, Nate is a 1989 graduate of the United States Military Academy at West Point, holds a BS (Middle Eastern studies and general engineering) and earned a German Linguist Certificate from the Defense Language Institute in Monterey, Ca. 

His wife, Kris, was a biology teacher at Muncie Southside High School and now substitutes at Blue River Valley High School.  She currently serves as Prairie Township Trustee.  They have two daughters and reside in the restored 1870s home of the late Congressman Ralph Harvey near Mt. Summit.  A veteran of the U.S. Army, graduate of Counter-Terrorism School, JFK Special Warfare Center in Ft. Bragg, NC, and Airborne Paratrooper School in Ft Benning, GA, Nate has much to share with us.  We have given him no parameters, so it will be exciting to see where he goes with all this — and more..

You may want to bring your Principles of Liberty bookmarks because Frank Weyl will be speaking briefly on Principle #2.  Hopefully all of us have memorized Principle #1.  These principles are basic as we continue our mission of educating an indifferent, too-busy, and clueless citizenry.

Please be thinking about issues on which you would like our Tea Party to focus.  There WILL BE an election in 2014, and we MUST be ready.  Below are some suggestions.  Please come prepared to add yours if they are not on the list. Our priorities will determine speakers and activities between now and May, 2014.

Refreshments are all donated.  Please feel free to add a contribution to the refreshment table if you want.


Precinct Chairmen for 2014 election  (Work in process – on-going — already started)

Candidates for 2014 – Local, State, Federal (Ongoing — but needs to start now)
Common Core /Education
Electoral College Issue

Constitutional Convention Issue
Moving Primary Election to earlier month
Taxes – Obamacare taxes/Flat tax/Fair tax/local taxes
Agenda 21

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