Saturday morning ramblings: MSD & new business is really old business

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toiletMuncie Sanitary District and you.  Seems the MSD appointed attorney, Mike Quirk, has a new business venture,  Small Office Solutions.  Apparently it is a collection center and the one of his first, if not his first client is the Muncie Sanitary District.

Yes, folks, you heard right.  His business SOS which was just created on August 21, 2013 was the business to grab that contract.  Sure, he signed a disclosure agreement, which isn’t worth the paper it’s written on.

MSD is $1 million behind on delinquent sewer bills.  An amnesty program failed to collect much money.  The MSD attorney creates a new business, and the MSD gives the MSD attorney the contract.  Did I mention he signed a conflict of interest disclosure form?

MSD hires collection call center

Mr. Mike Quirk has worn many hats in his career.  He was vice-chair of the Delaware County Democrats.  The night of the 2010 primary, losing nearly every contested seat to Team Democrats, he physically forced the media out of headquarters.  I was there that night, and although I didn’t see the reported event, it was one heck of an evening.

Later he was promoted to the Chair of the Democrat Party  which he held for a short time.  Long enough to choose his sister to run against long time Democrat insider, Don Dunnuck, for circuit judge.  Ouch.

Not only was he the Democrat party chair, he was Delaware County’s appointed attorney.  One day out of the blue, during a scheduled meeting, he just resigned.  Pointing to his father  “This is your new attorney” and headed out the door.  Earlier that year, he had been arrested for DUI, four times over the legal limit.  Traveling at speeds up to 100 MPH, he blew through a red light, when a dumpster finally ended his trek.

Besides being the Democrat Chair,  and the Delaware County attorney he held yet another position,  a public defender.

So, it seems fitting, and I am sure we are all in agreement, that Mike Quirk, as MSD attorney should also be the collection agency for delinquent accounts. Democrat Chair and Vice-Chair; County Attorney; Public Defender; MSD Attorney and now new business owner can be added to the long list of “things he has done”.

I’m not familiar with any high-profile cases represented by Attorney Quirk save for an animal abuse case.  A few years ago, he was hired by a non-profit organization, East Central Reinvestment Corporation (ECRC).  According to HUD’s complaint, a board member requested the financials of the organization.  ECRC retained Michael P. Quirk as legal council.

HUD documentation states that Mr. Michael P. Quirk responded, citing Indiana Code that the board member “failed to read”.  HUD determined he had incorrectly interpreted code.  Quirk’s letter went on to say “it was none of your business”.  He stated the board member must pay .25 per page for information requested, prepay with money order or cashier’s check.   All correspondence must be made though him, as the legal counsel of ECRC.

HUD reviewed ECRC’s By-Laws, something Mr. Quirk failed to do, and found the board members request was reasonable.  Charging for copies and refusing access was deemed completely inappropriate.

It’s not unheard of to have officials in Delaware County gift their friends and supporters with contracts.  If you will remember, Culpepper Insurance got a pretty nice contract.  Unfortunately, it cost the taxpayers a lot of money.  The fair board, the airport board and the recent hiring of Todd Donati.   Royerton Sewer and the Justice Center…the list goes on and on.  An on-line poster chided some of us because we questioned the new Madison County reservoir project, saying “we didn’t want change”.  If we truly wanted change, we would start at the voting polls.  New business, is really just old business.

This is a brief history and is not intended to cover all of Quirk’s career or the history of this county.  It’s all public record, too.  We don’t care.  We like it this way.

From website:

Entity Legal Name:

Entity Address:
311 S WALNUT, MUNCIE, IN 47305

General Entity Information:

Control Number: 2013082300257
Status: Active
Entity Type: Domestic Limited Liability Company (LLC)

Entity Creation Date: 8/21/2013 
Entity Date to Expire:
Entity Inactive Date:

This entity is current with Business Entity Report(s).

There are no other names on file for this Entity.

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2 thoughts on “Saturday morning ramblings: MSD & new business is really old business

    Paul Johnson said:
    August 25, 2013 at 12:37 pm

    Corruption as usual. So what’s new?


    munciepolitics said:
    August 30, 2013 at 8:07 pm

    New business is really just old business, Paul.


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