Manufacturing Reality….

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Social Engineering
Manufacturing Reality the Psycho Social Engineers Playground
By Ron Fink

Some illusions/deceptions are so important that psycho social tacticians spend years setting up multiple systems to support the grand illusion. One such system is debunking web sites. Debunking web sites have established themselves as the final authority for truth. Masters of psycho social engineering use debunking web sites as one part of a multi-part stratagem to shape people’s beliefs and perspectives.Using debunking as part of the psycho social engineering process is quite simple.

First create a debunking website. Then produce hundreds of plausible lies and spread them on the internet. Some get spread some will not, it makes no difference. Like everything practice makes perfect. Tips on spreading lies: spread lies that appeal to specific personality types within specific people groups such as Christians. The lies should target deep seated emotions and beliefs. Then the debunkers step in to save the duped from their folly. Like the team that lies, the debunkers are masters of personality types and traits who style their debunking to milk the innate bias and beliefs of the targeted group. The duped are now on slippery ground; insecurity, humiliation and embarrassment opens the door that guards the inner sanctum, which is the dwelling place of the “I am,” the governor of will and perspectives of reality.

Step three is insidiously evil. The formerly duped yet saved by debunk are then schooled by the credentialed experts. They are the talking heads, the panel of experts cited by debunkers. Hyper-links lead you to these sages who from grade school to the grave we have been programmed to receive. School conditions human children by rewarding compliant answers and punishing for non-compliant answers. News companies play upon our conditioning by providing the experts who tell us what is happening. So when the World Trade Center Twin Towers dropped exactly like we have seen others drop, by professional demolition, those who resisted programing in school believed their eyes/analysis, while the teacher pleasers marched in lockstep with the machine.

Americans are under the most sophisticated psycho social engineering program ever employed. Edward Bernays 1891-1995, nephew of renowned psychologist Sigmund Freud is credited as being America’s first prime minister of propaganda. He was truly the master of psycho social engineering, but the sixties generation galloped away from his control. It took the globalists a decade to harness the wild stallion generation. But cocaine enhanced innate hedonistic sensual delights which quickly bridled the wild stallion who today is nothing more than domesticated ponies harnessed to a walking ring provided by the global ruling elite’s minions; the present day psycho social engineers.

If you will pause, be still “be silenced” you will hear the thunder of a remnant, those who are endowed with power of the blood of martyred minstrels from millenniums past. The information age provides the remnant powerful gifts which they will soon open. The origin of their anointing power is from millennia’s martyred minstrels who shed their blood resisting through their songs the tyranny of the fiscally endowed few. Be ready!

Ron Fink is the founder of  Justice Peace Engulf the Earth
He can be reached by email:

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