Common Core Summit – Muncie, Indiana

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common core summit 9-28-13


When:            Saturday, September 28, 2013 – 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. (noon)


Where:          First Church of the Nazarene 

                        3101 N Benton Road

                        Muncie, IN  47304


Why:    House Bill 1427 charged the Indiana State Legislature with evaluating the new  Common Core Standards and making a recommendation to the State Board of Education who must revote on whether Indiana will keep or abandon the standards by 2014. Citizens are unaware of the new standards and their possible negative consequences on public, private and home schools.

46 states have adopted the Common Core Standards which creates a defacto national curriculum. Many of these states did so because they received federal incentives through the Stimulus Fund and No Child Left Behind waivers.

Indiana has paused implementation of the Common Core because of the low quality of the standards and the loss of local control under the governance of the standards.

States can’t change or delete any of the standards as private organizations hold a copyright on them. We may only add 15% to the content, which will not be covered on proposed new national tests.

Two members of the Common Core Validation Committee refused to sign off of the standards because they will put our students two years behind high-performing countries by eighth grade and leave our children unprepared for entrance into a four-year university. They both testified to the legislature that Indiana should reject Common Core.




Brad Oliver:            Associate Dean – Indiana Wesleyan University

                                 District 6 appointment by Governor Pence to the

                                  Indiana State Board of Education


Heather Crossin:     Parent –


Erin Tuttle:              Parent –   

Common Core Summit Flyer (PDF)

Directions to the Summit (PDF)                    


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