Saturday night and I ain’t got no money

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It’s a Saturday night and the past few weeks have been exciting.  Here are some awesome highlights of what’s been happening! Take a peek, if you dare.

We’re getting new landscape at City Hall.  Yep, the old landscape was removed and new is on the way.   A few months ago, we were privileged to get $5 million additional debt.   Some of the bond  debt was to go for needed repairs of the Hall.  Certainly, this was an awesome way to spend tax dollars.  New landscape…woo hoo!  I guess it wouldn’t matter if it was included in Todd Donati’s bond presentation most city council members wouldn’t question the expenditure.     “Let’s spend some more.”

Here are the before and after pictures of the landscaping done in 2009.  All native plants which require low maintenance and water have been removed to make way for the new landscape which nobody has a clue what it will look like or how much it cost to remove the previous and replace with whatever the city is replacing it with.

city hall circa 2008muncie city hall landscape 2009

City Parking Garage with caption 9-25-13Finally,we got the first glimpse of the $5 million parking garage, which is surrounded by stores and apartments.  No swimming pool on the top as promised.  A big bummer, but I don’t think it would be a public pool anyway.    Here’s the rendition of the $60 million complex and I have pointed out the $5 million garage we are paying for.

Here is the architectural drawing of the $1.5 million bathhouse.  Originally we were told it would be privately funded.  Nobody donated, so we get to pay for it.  Yea…

→ Image not available –

Sorry, the city hasn’t released the drawing yet.  We have to build it before you know what’s in it. 

Gee, you would think we are the Federal Government or something.

The good news is we are so broke, we can’t afford to build the $4 million Visitor Center located smack dab in the middle of a couple of car dealerships.  Looking for a car?  Stop in at the Visitor’s Center for some brochures of our county after or before you shop.  Jim Mansfield Director of the Visitor’s Bureau, was disappointed he wasn’t getting any new digs.

As most of you know, the county had to hire a firm to study our financial situation and give us an assessment.  It was pretty darn rosy.  Although, the county cleaned out the Rainy Day Fund (surplus) and cut $300,000.00, we still are teetering on the cusp of being broke or being broker.  (Is that a word? Oh well, it fits.)

The good news is the county passed a budget higher than last year.  I think they must have some money stashed away.  Anyway, it confused us because if you can’t meet last year’s expenditures without borrowing from the RDF (Rainy Day Fund), it makes perfect sense to increase the budget.  I mean, that’s what we all do in our budgets, right?

Well, no biggie, we’ll just borrow until we get property tax revenue. Except, we still have a higher budget than 2013, so exactly how is that going to work out?

Mike Jones, county council, isn’t the president, but may as well be as he is the lead spokesperson for the council.  I look for him to be president next year.  I mean, he spends some time on the public chats.  His comments on the budget weren’t well received.   “Yes way” Mr. Jones exclaimed when putting in his vote for the unsustainable budget.

Divided council and split vote

By the way, according to Jones, everyone that disagrees with him is a member of the Tea Party and every Republican that beats out a Democrat is a Tea Party, too.  (Sigh)

Kind of reminds you of the NSA thinking millions of American Citizens are terrorists.  So, we do mimic the Federal Government just a tad bit.

Mayor Tyler said that both the city and county were now controlled by one party.  He said there would be no excuses and we would be pleasantly surprised.

Wrong on both counts.  The excuses continue, at least on the county side…what’s new?  Yawn.  And nothing the Tyler administration does is a surprise.  How can it be, when it’s same old, same old?

That’s about it, folks.  See you soon!


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