Property Tax Assessment Appeals Process

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The Citizens of Delaware County for Good Government and participating real estate offices are hosting the fourth annual “Property Tax Appeal Help Day” at the Kennedy Branch Library, 1700 W. McGalliard Road this Wednesday from 6 to 8 p.m. and Saturday from 8 to 10 a.m. The seminar will be followed by questions and answers, and personalized help sessions.

Help Day is to help Delaware County property owners who believe their property tax assessment is too high. We will provide pointers on how to create a successful appeal, and will help complete property tax assessment appeal forms, but we cannot guarantee the appeal outcome.

There is no charge for this service. Prior year’s Help Days have been successful in helping hundreds of property taxpayers find errors on their assessments and preparing property assessment appeals. The deadline to file appeals is Oct. 31. If you file late, you will lose your right to appeal for the current tax year. You may need to appeal your assessment this year, even if you appealed last year and won.

It would be helpful to bring a current property record card so that we can identify errors on the assessment. Also bring photos of your home that show the front, side and rear elevations. Also provide photos of yard buildings, pools or other improvements to the property, plus photographs and documentation of any damages or other issues that detract from the value of the property.

Make two copies of your appeal and all supporting documentation and have them date stamped when you turn in your appeal, keeping one copy for your records.

Scott Alexander is president of Alexander & Co Real Estate Appraisers Inc.

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