The referendum November 5th

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Misguided referendum and $45 million additional taxes.

Just the facts, please.

Very simply put. Why MCS would consider cutting transportation and then wage a full campaign on safety for the children, creating a PAC and raising taxes when the transportation money is available already, is questionable.

After all the time and effort invested in the town hall meetings and the plans that clearly show a savings, the tax is is still needed? With the health clinic expecting to save 15-30%, still need a tax?

If one truly was concerned about the safety of the children, one would should first look at who initiated the busing cuts and why. The capital fund should have been the first line item reduced, not transportation.

The town hall meetings could still have been held and plans to consolidate could have begun. Added cost for a special election in an off year is suspect, too.

Of course asking for money to just spend went over like a lead balloon and so the “emotional” campaign went into high gear.

When a school system with decreasing enrollment and one which receives more funds than the state average wants an additional $45 million or else there will be NO buses, you must look at all the factors, figures and ramification.

Yes, we know the decisions to consolidate schools and streamlining will be difficult. Yes, we know that people are already gearing up for the “Save My School” fight, and it will be nasty. Most of the board members have served more than one term and should have been aware of the difficulties and tough decision which are needed.

While we have been focused on the safety of children, and the false information the buses will end in 2013, we completely ignore all the budget and funding information. We misrepresent the laws, disregard the DLGF information. We don’t consider the $45 million will place the city at the top for the highest taxing city in the state. We don’t consider the economic impact this will have, and quite frankly, we don’t care.

Next year and the years to come, we’ll go back to crying about jobs and costs when we allowed it to happen. We’ll have another war on the closings and MCS will say they have enough money to operate and will put the decisions off, again.

The fact that nearly $55 million has been invested in buildings when the direction should have been consolidation back in 2008. The MCS board had all the data and instead chose to spend on costly remodeling projects.

2014 Budget adoption

$55 million school remodeling project completed 2008

$6.5 million


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