Muncie Voters and the Referendum ~ Voting and thoughts…It’s USA

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Since the November 5th, 2013 certified election results have not been posted on the Delaware County website, will give you the information from the local paper.

The total was 46% Yes and 54% No.  The additional tax will not be assessed on taxpayers and citizens.

The supporters of the referendum are going nuts on social media, so I would like to give you a sample or two of what is being said.

Business owners who were against this hear me now. Much of the money I might have spent eating at your restaurant or buying your products will be spent on gas money ensuring my grandchildren have a way to school. The gas stations might pick up some of my money but you won’t. I will make sure I do all my shopping outside Delaware county as you don’t deserve my money. I know many of my friends and coworkers will join me in this boycott of money grubbing, heartless businesses.

Did any of the No voters take into consideration the many disabled children that go to all the different schools ON BUSES? I guess I got my answer last night.

… you are incorrect. If the State does not grant the waiver then MCS will be forced to borrow $7 million (cost of busing for 2 years) until they can legally stop the buses.

this morning (for the first time in my life) instead of being sad that I no longer live in Muncie (forced to move when I could not find a job) I prayed my thanks that my community supports my children.

There are more, but I think you are getting the gist of social media.   I’m not sure if  some locals understand the schools and all government services is shored up with taxes from business.  If they don’t, perhaps they should go back in time when Borg Warner, Westinghouse, and others filled the government coffers with plenty of green.  They want jobs but not businesses.

Who told the poster disabled students won’t have transportation?  Excuse me, but Federal law dictates this provision.   (More on that later.)  Another threatened MCS would have to borrow…really?  If they can’t afford transportation, they can afford payments and interest?  And lastly, he moved away because he couldn’t get a job?  So, he won’t pay a penny of this tax and he expects those left behind with less disposable income in the town to pay?

You may have heard about the waiver to end school transportation and MCS had submitted it in June.  Some even believed it was a done deal.  The waiver barely scratched Indiana code and I personally can’t believe this was actually submitted to the State of Indiana for consideration.  Waiver Request – Muncie 2013.  

Let’s consider the waiver and MCS continuing transportation for disabled students.  (Told you we would get there.)  Muncie Community Schools said they would provide transportation because  it is a Federal law.  Yet, we heard countless times, and you saw one post, that this transportation would be denied.  Not so, and while the supporters spread this around town, I don’t remember ever reading MCS disputed that claim.  It goes along with claiming buses would end in 2013.

Some “Yes” supporters are even saying that one little piece of paper with information on the additional taxes turned voters away from voting yes.  Really?  One little piece of paper changed the vote?    Imagine for a minute, just a minute, if the following happened:

  1. The local newspaper ran daily pro articles on the bus referendum
  2. The League of Women voters purchased signs with their logo in support
  3. The Democrat Party came out in support of additional taxes
  4. Thousands of fliers were distributed stating the buses would end in 2013
  5. The schools bus was in the parade
  6. Muncie City closed departments so the employees could work the polls (see Facebook status below)
  7. PAC (political action committee)  spent unknown dollars, and last we knew the filing of the PAC was overdue in registering.  Nobody knows who contributed to the billboard, signs, T-shirts, etc.

Well, sounds far-fetched?  It all happened.  A media blitz of one-sided reporting, a split League of Women Voters all of the above we witnessed.  And yet, the Yes supporters would like you to believe on little piece of paper swayed the voters.  Really?  How about this one, the voters were paying attention and  understood exactly what this referendum was about.  However, we are all stupid and can’t possibly think for ourselves.

Better yet, the voter didn’t get sucked up into an emotional frenzy designed to scare the bee jeebies out of you.   Instead thought and voted with clear heads.  We aren’t falling for their claims we were brainwashed when the deck was so  stacked against those concerned about $43 million in additional taxes.

Plenty of opportunities for the 3,806 Yes voters to donate to the school district, with booster clubs, fund raisers, field trips. one wonders if they will.  It’s kind of like the tax caps.  Complaining about “less” tax dollars yet never paying more than their tax bill.  Go figure…

I’ll leave you with the Facebook status report, there was NO prior notice from the city or the newspaper the departments would close.  It was a last-minute decision by the city administration.

Muncie Animal Shelter’s status.November 4  Hey Facebook friends! Just a friendly reminder we will be closed all day tomorrow due to voting. There will be an officer on call and we will be taking emergency calls. Sorry for the inconvenience!

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