Saturday morning ramblings: Belize, please….

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weather right now copyThis is the warmest temperature we have seen in several weeks.  So many reports that we will have -15 – 20 next week.  But eventually, it has to end.  Right?  Please nod your head in agreement.

belize copyThis is my home in Belize.  Well, not really MY home.  Belize sounds like a wonderful place to live.  Right?  Nod your head if you are in agreement.

1976 for granada copyI will be driving this beauty while living in Belize.  Sure, it’s a gas hog.  But, will be doing most of traveling on my other Big Red anyway.

obama on bikeI even have a biking partner lined up.  Of course, he may be spending more time in Hawaii than Belize, but we’ll have a good time when he’s visiting.

transportationYou can’t see me, but just start humming “I’m leaving on a jet plane.  Don’t know when I’ll be back again.”

biden worriedOh, Joe, I hate to go.  Since I didn’t get the Secretary of State job, Joe and I are not on the best of speaking terms.  I told J.B. I was leaving, and he got worried.  Poor guy.

See you in Belize….

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