Saturday ramblings: Random thoughts & elections

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cool cloud 1As you may have noticed the theme has changed on the Muncie Politics page.  Hope you all like it.  Change is good, no?

In just a few weeks, the filing deadline for the 2015 election will have come and gone.  Exactly three people throwing their hat into the ring so far.

I’m not certain, well, almost positive, there won’t be a challenger for the position of mayor,    With tax dollars being pulled from every which way to support the increasing debt, it may be a hard road to hoe when it comes to juggling the finances.

A new mayor will undoubtedly not reappoint Todd Donati, President of Muncie Redevelopment.  Since Donati has been the facilitator on the majority of millions earmarked, and Muncie City Council only know what they have been told, it would be an accounting nightmare for the first couple of months for any new administration.

We probably won’t see the Democrats standing on the steps of City Hall pledging a clean campaign this election season.  None of their supporters heeded the pledge.  Instead, continued grinding out rumors at the tired old Rumor Mill.  Certainly, none of the candidates can be responsible for what their supporters say or write.  Still, none of the clean campaign promisers  addressed the rubbish.

Just by some odd twist of fate, should a Republican or Democrat beat out Tyler we would return to the former years and be bombarded with every conceivable rumor or accusation

no more rumors 3

If the new mayor would be of the female variety, we might be met with the accusations of abortions or we might be told she was scorned and clearly holds the capacity for a vendetta against (fill in the blank). Should a man win, of course, he would be a womanizer, wife beater and frequents strip clubs.

Some of the gender-neutral  rumors may include, infidelity with claims of video recordings as evidence.  Or, divorce, alcoholism, drug addiction.  Of course, the family doesn’t go unnoticed and must be drawn into the fray.  No one is sacred.

On a professional level, we’ll find embezzled money by department heads, illegally transferring of money, lying, stealing, yada, yada.  No city employee hired or appointed will be left out, as everyone will be a relative or political supporter.  Heck, a husband or wife of the campaign manager may even get a city contract or job.   And that’s sure fuel  to fan the flames.

City Council will begin to remind us every meeting, their responsibility is to be good stewards of the tax dollars  as they proceed to shut-off street lights.  Too bad Mary Jo Barton won’t be around to monitor the broken piers at Prairie Creek.

Local politics not fun and becoming boring.


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