Saturday ramblings: Fear & Prejudice in the U.S.A.

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You can hardly pick up a newspaper without a columnist or an opinion piece writer telling us how fearful and sometimes even throwing in prejudice for impact.  Likewise, we have our well-coffered TV newscasters, with worry in their eyes,  using their best “reason” voice and in two minutes or less,  our worse fears have been laid out before us.  So, thank you media for showing us our fear.  Without your guidance in our lives, we would be lost.

Roughly, we have about 300 million adults living within the 50 States. I am going out on a limb here, doubt all 300 million are shaking in fear, scared to leave their homes and eyeing everyone with suspicion and prejudice.   Still, reading some of the online comments posted on New York Times, LA Times, Chicago Tribune, Indianapolis Star and various other public forums, does lead one to wonder, who is really fearful and prejudice?

Living through the threat of nuclear annihilation,  the assassination of a president and civil right leaders, riots, bombings, Vietnam War, Nixon’s impeachment, Iranian crisis, oil crisis, budget crisis.  We watched as Charles Manson took control of the minds of his followers and a murderous rampage took place.  We read Truman Capote’s book In Cold Blood.  We saw the worst that society had to offer.

The difference between then and now is astounding.  Hickock and Smith murdering the Clutter family simply for the pleasure of doing so.  Manson’s Girls and Boys stabbing a pregnant Sharon Tate and writing Pigs on the wall with her blood.  We understood who was to blame even if we didn’t understand why.

Today we have Bernie Saunders and others claiming terrorist attacks is  because of global warming.  The solution is to build irrigation canals so the people can grow food.  Now, I apologize in advance if you are a Sanders fan, but his analogy is just plain stupid.   Why?  Because we don’t know history.  For centuries upon centuries upon centuries, Middle-Eastern people have lived, survived and cultivated the desert environment.

Damascus was built in 3000 BC, Jerusalem just as old.  Kabul has a history, too.  Yet, for some reason, cities like these have flourished became viable places of great commerce needs our help?    These historical areas have been ravaged by wars and attacks, still here.  Let that sink in and then compare it to Sanders’ solution.

Here’s another thing which bugs me.  I have read several citings of how many terrorist attacks there have been against the U.S. after 9/11/01.  I don’t understand why “they” leave this day out of the statistics and start the countdown after this date.  2,000 people killed in one day, and our economy taking a dive should be included.  That’s kind of important.

Somewhere in the ballpark of 1,000 mass shootings every month, we’re told.  If you are celebrating New Year’s Eve at a party and you fire off a shotgun, this is included in the “mass shootings”.  Sounds like Common Core statistical math to me.

We have psychiatrists, sociologists, counselors, scans and studies of the brain.  With all this at our fingertips, we still have not come to any consensus on how to resolve the condition of mind and heart.

We all have the capacity to do horrible evil, not everyone does.  Why?  If you are a Bible hater, stop reading right now.  This may be the first recorded murder in history.  Jealous Cain killed Abel .   Jealousy, it’s still a motive today.

Hundreds, maybe even thousands of reasons to do wickedness.  I’m starting to believe it begins with me.  Me in the collective sense.  A man wanted to kill, so he chose an Indianapolis woman, a pastor’s pregnant wife.  Someone wants a 52″ TV, so they take yours.  You want the promotion, you lie about your co-worker.

We all war within ourselves, fighting the desire to do harm with words or with actions.  Sometimes we lose the battle.

You may or may not agree with this statement.   All the external reactions of blaming climate change, guns, conservatives, liberals, religious or non-religious, all the attempts at guilting people and defining groups or individuals based upon what you want the public perception to be, is like trying to empty the ocean with a teaspoon. Unproductive, a waste of time and energy.

How about evoking the outdated ideas of common sense, personal responsibility, or determining right from wrong based on actions and not the political letter behind the name.

That’s all, folks, for today




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