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Update:  Ball State will be purchasing Mitchell and Sutton properties according to the Muncie Star Press (3-1-18)

“Mayor Dennis Tyler, through a representative, was favorable of the outcome. “I think it’s great. The city appreciates their partnership with MCS,” he said.”

Ball States wants two elementary schools

Looks like the battle is over for Halteman Village.


Muncie Redevelopment Commission director, Todd Donati, posted on his Facebook page, he is ready to clear up misinformation.  So here we go, folks.

Todd Donati
15 hrs ·
All, please share this article with everyone. People need to know the truth about our housing crisis. There are those out there that think this is a fabrication. It’s for real.

Hundreds of employees from BSU and IU BMH that transition each year in these institutions, and many others, cannot find the housing to live in Muncie/Delaware County, so they locate elsewhere and commute, or they don’t come at all.

The study has been completed and the facts are in.

Our community CAN grow and meet the needs of the hundreds that cannot be a part of our community because we are NOT building new homes.

We need people that work hear to also live and invest in our community, if they can. We are losing $12,825,000.00 annually in projected new household income. That could relate to nearly $20 million in economic impact…each year.

In five years, that could relate to nearly $100 million in economic impact within our community. All of this is leaving our community because we choose to not build new. This is going to another county to fix their roads, supports their local businesses and lowers their taxes. 2-14-18

The study Todd Donati cited was commissioned by the City of Muncie.  Unable to locate the document on the City of Muncie’s website.  The company Zanola Company and MarketGraphics Research conducted the study.  However, as of this post, the complete document is not available in the City of Muncie’s website.

To divert this upcoming crisis we will need to build 405 new homes over a five year period, or 81 a year.   We don’t have 81 homes on the market today?  Well, let’s see.

Using Realtor.com ran a report on properties in Delaware County with the price range of $100,000 to $250,000.  The search returned 115 properties from condos to new builds.  Two new builds in Pine View subdivision (Muncie city) have been on the market for 100+ days.  The subdivision has a minimum of 16 lots available which haven’t been developed and on the market a maximum of 660 days.

If you are looking for a less expensive home $50,000 to $99,000 Realtor.com returns 131 properties, condos, single family, pending sales, land and lots in the Saddle Brook subdivision.  Of course, Saddle Brook would be out of the price range for most IU Health and BSU employees.  The lots range from $36,000 to $72,000.

This brings us to a total of 246 available properties.

Currently, Todd Donati and Mayor Tyler are working to build condominiums in Halteman Village.  The housing is needed, they say, based on the study paid for by the city.    The tried and true theory of Supply and Demand comes into play.  If the supply is so low and demands so high why aren’t we seeing a noticeable increase in private developers building homes?   If there is such a demand, why is the city providing financing thru the Muncie Industrial Revolving Loan Fund (RIFL) to the developer of Halteman Village condos?  How many interested buyers do we have for these condos?

During the emergency meeting on February 9th, two community members spoke.  When comments about the project became a little intense, Mayor Tyler called for a vote to rescind the bid offers.    It was out of the blue.  The only property in question was Mitchell Elementary School, but he pulled all of the bids.  Why?

The vote seemed to be choreographed, as if was all for show.

I predict it will come back up for a vote again.  Mayor Tyler will argue against, but it will pass and Dennis Tyler will come out looking like he did something.   That’s not an unusual occurrence with this administration.

Mr. Donati claims people need to know the truth.  Who’s truth?  What is the truth?  Mr. Donati always claims the citizens are incorrect or misinformed and he alone knows the truth.  He received a poor score on his management of Muncie Redevelopment Commission for 2014 & 2015.  He claimed he was only doing what the previous director had done for 20 years.  He said he didn’t know.  All finance were to be handled by the city controller beginning in 2017.

If there is any misinformation floating around it stems from lack of transparency on the part of the City of Muncie and Muncie Redevelopment Commission.  If you visited the city’s web page on MRC you would have found the last year for the minutes of MRC meetings was in 2010.  Now, even the 2010 minutes are no longer available.

MRC Page not found 2-17-18

We checked out the controller’s website to see if we could find information on MRC since they handle all of Muncie Redevelopment finances as of January 2017.



Update:  The report/study is on the City of Muncie website.  It was from 2016.  We were expecting a more current report.  The city had this report for over a year and never once ran the numbers to see if the analysis was correct?

City of Muncie Housing Analysis 

Muncie used fabricated data

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