Muncie & MSD total debt

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If you have been following the articles in the Muncie Star Press you are probably aware the preliminary financials are showing -$3 million dollars.    The good news is there may be some reimbursable bucks coming back to the city.  At this point, we just can’t be positive.  We do know there have been violations noted in the Indiana State Board of Accounts audits year after year.  Despite the city claiming they will have measures in place to correct deficiencies, it doesn’t appear to have happened.

If you want to run the SBOA reports, please click on Audits.

For those of you who don’t do Facebook here is the debt report as of 1-14-20 for the City of Muncie and the Muncie Sanitary District.

UnitTotalDebt Muncie 1-14-20

UnitTotalDebt MSD 1-14-20

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