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Malchow and VAT ~ The answer my friend, is blowing in the wind…

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Why should Cary Malchow be Delaware County’s next commissioner? There are a variety of reasons supporting Malchow as the best person for the job. For the sake of time, let’s look at one of the recent financial expenditures of our elected commissioners.


June of 2009, The Delaware County Redevelopment Commission voted to spend $645,000 in property tax revenue on streetlights and an additional $255,000 on a wind turbine. By now, we all know the majority of street lights are not functioning properly, and the remainder is being stored at Borg Warner. We haven’t gotten the jobs promised and although the County paid for the wind vane in full, we haven’t yet received it.

No matter, the county is suing for reimbursement of the wind turbine/vane. Don’t expect the bucks anytime soon.

You may be wondering what Cary Malchow has to do with VAT and why he should be the next County Commissioner. Here is your answer. Malchow has been a permanent fixture at nearly every Redevelopment meeting. He has been following the VAT saga from the beginning.

I often review City Council minutes and as far back as September 2009, Malchow was questioning Morrison TIF monies and VAT. Malchow had given City Council a copy of the contract and asked if the City Council felt comfortable in using city tax dollars at Park One, six miles outside of the Morrison TIF district.

At the time Malchow was voicing his concern with City Council, the contract with VAT had not been signed.   However the Delaware County Commissioners had already began making payments totaling over $1,350,000.00. (Three payments of $450,000.00 each.)

City Council like their counterparts County Council and County Commissioners ignore the concerns of citizens and in this case it cost us $1.5 million green backs.

Cary asked the County Commissioners to seek  reimbursement of the $255,000, which they have, although with no success.  It’s a classic case of Buyer Beware.  Investing tax dollars in a product you have yet to receive or paying before the contract is finalized is not good practice.

“You can sit there all day and ask questions,” Donati told Malchow at one point. “We’re going to give you the same answers. You can’t get blood from a turnip.”

Source: Delaware County officials cited millions in debt from the failed streetlight maker SP 3-23-12

Donati complained about the perceptions surrounding VAT were negative and all the county wanted to do was jump on the “green bandwagon”.  Despite his willingness to be green, the simple truth is Delaware County invested $1.3 million of our green BEFORE the contract was even sealed. 

The logical question to ask is why wouldn’t Todd Donati,  a veteran  county council member prior to being elected as commissioner,  understand you don’t invest tax dollars before a contract is signed? 

The answer, my friend, is blowing in the wind.  The answer is blowing in the wind.

Scott Alexander ~ County Council At-Large ~ Vote November 6, 2012

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 Scott Alexander spoke at the Bowen Center – Institute on Political Participation,  March 25th, 2012.   The Institute on Political Participation began in 1981 to encourage students and citizens to become involved in the political process and engage in civic duties.  Every year the Institute holds a two-day seminar where attendees have the opportunity to listen, learn and interact with key people in public office, media, political analysts and private sector leaders.

Scott Alexander is a leader. Read the rest of this entry »

Where is Dennis Tyler?

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Has anybody seen Mayor Dennis Tyler? 

This is a picture taken of Dennis Tyler in October 2011.  In case you are wondering what he looks like, follow the arrow.  Please pay special attention to the sign on the side of the car.  Dennis Tyler for Mayor.

Where is the Mayor of Muncie?  He’s not in Urbana, IL  He was visiting there around this time last year.

I don’t know where he was last night.  I can tell you where he wasn’t. Read the rest of this entry »

Parks & Recreation, Good Old Boys and $76,000.00

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Now that the little matter of the $7.5 million dollar budget has been cleared up, it’s time to turn our attention to the recreational season. 

Yes, folks, summer is just around the corner and it will be time to get the piers out at Prairie Creek,  Tuhey Pool open and Canan Commons off the ground and ready for outdoor fun.

But, that’s not all.  Muncie City was awarded $150,000.00 in grant money to build a mountain bike trail and eventually extend the trail from  Cardinal Greenway to Prairie Creek campgrounds.   This will be interesting to watch and view the progress.  Let’s hope the weather holds out and we can get it completed in a timely manner and within cost. Read the rest of this entry »

Meet the Candidates Delaware County February 2012 Events

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I am so excited about the great line-up of candidates this primary season.  You all will have a chance to meet several of the people running for local to congressional seats this week.  In our little corner of the world, we have the opportunity to be a part of changing the face of government. 

There is no greater gift that our Founding Fathers have bestowed upon us than the right to participate in the political process.

Nothing is more essential to the establishment of manners in a State than that all persons employed in places of power and trust be men of unexceptionable characters. The public cannot be too curious concerning the character of public men.  Samuel Adams

~ Upcoming events in Muncie, Indiana ~ February 2012

Monday February 20,2012 Muncie 9-12/Tea Party will be holding their bi-monthly meeting.  Topic: Flat Tax

 Special Guest Speaker will be Scott Alexander President of Citizens of Delaware County for Good Government

6:30 to 8:30 PM at Kennedy Library


Tuesday February 21, 2012 Meet and Greet with Don Bates, Jr. candidate for Congress.  

 5:00 to 8:00 PM Cardinal Hall B in the Ball State Student Center from 5-8 p.m. People can park in any yellow or green lot. Feel free to invite your friends


Saturday February 25, 2012 GOP candidates for 6th Congressional will debate.   Sponsored by Delaware and Henry Counties  and will conduct a straw poll during this time. The event also includes candidates for the Senate seat currently held by Richard Lugar.

Candidates attending:


 Richard Mourdock

 6th District:        

Don Bates; Bill Frazier; John Hatter;  Luke Messer

Andrew Phipps; T. J. Thompson; Joseph Van Wye

7:30 to 9:30 AM  A & A Banquet Hall, 901 E. 29th St. (Old US 35) in Muncie (a few blocks west of the Muncie Southside Wal-Mart).  Doors open at 7:30 AM.  Event begins at 8:00 AM.  Concludes by 9:30 AM. Candidate speeches from 8:15-9:15 AM followed by straw poll voting, announcement of results and end of event.  Index cards with questions will be gathered from the audience from 8:00-8:15 AM.  Only Precinct and Vice Precinct Committee people from Delaware and Henry counties will be allowed to vote in the straw poll.


Saturday February 25, 2012 Meet and Greet for Delaware County GOP candidates.

10:00 AM to 12:00 PM Kennedy Library

Printable PDF Flyer Feb 2012 Events

Decision 2012: State Representative District 34

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The deadline is looming and the candidates for Indiana District 34 are lining up at the starting gate.  The race to the Big House is on. 

Of course, the primary has taken a different path than one would have thought.

 Now that Don Dunnuck has conceded his race before it began to Quirk-Hunter for judge we’ll be looking at District 34, it seems. 

Filing late for the coveted State Representative District 34 is the newbie (or at least new to those who are on the outside looking in)  Karen Brand.  Not much of a bio in the newspaper.  In fact there was no bio at all.  Which brings back memories of elections long ago.

In 2010 we saw a nice influx of candidates filing on the Republican ticket.  Some, including me, refered to these as “ghost candidates”.  Very strange was the report the filing papers all appeared to be in the same handwriting.  Gasp!  None of the Republican candidates had ever voted in a primary, contacted the Republican Headquarters or even stepped one foot on the campaign trail.  

That’s one way to save on campaign expenses.

John Tuttle who ran against Dennis Tyler that year had zero campaign expenses.  He did have one sign on Jackson Street, and he didn’t claim it as an expense.  Shameful!   Nevertheless, Mr. Tuttle received nearly 38% of the vote.  Not to be undone, Tyler in one of his glossy campaign mailers boldly proclaimed the newspaper’s endorsement of him over Tuttle.   Good job, Dennis.

Before the 2010 primaries, Our View, the editorial wing of the opinion page, wrote a piece called “Voters must be able to tell who is real and who is not”.  One sentence stands out:

 Should any of these candidates prove to be ringers, that should be taken as an indication the party backing them considers voters stupid, unable to tell the difference between real and fake candidates.  SP 2-28-10

Of course, the candidates were “ringers” and certainly not placed there by the Republicans.  Normally, the Democrats stick to ringers in their own party here in Delaware County…so they were sort of “branching out” this election season. 

Which brings up another great primary season. 

2008 saw the Democrats recruit another “ringer” named Bilbrey.  Couldn’t have Democrat incumbent John Brooke win another term…that would be wrong.  So we lost Brooke and got Dunnuck.  Now four years later,  Mr. Dunnuck lost his district and party support…all within a few short months before the 2012 primary season even got off. the ground.

Of course, there are other elections and other Democrat candidates which got the shaft, too.

A few weeks a go, a concerned citizen penned a letter to the paper.  Oh, she warned us of Errington not listening to her constituents, doing her own thing and so on and so forth.  Funny, the nice lady failed to warn us of Sue’s poor record  when she ran in 2010 for the senate seat.  Then the letter writer went on to sing the praises of Dave Walker.  How subtle.

Which brings me to the end of this woeful tale of the 2012 primaries.  I’ll leave you to ponder this question….

Is Karen Brand a ringer?

 Ghost Candidates 2010

A Tale of Three Districts

Special note:  Due to the county’s financial trouble resulting in the closure of the Delaware County Building on Fridays,  the filing deadline has been extended to 2-13-12 Noon.

Disclaimer: Not paid for by anybody and not an endorsement of anyone,

Representative Bill Davis ~ District 33

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This letter from State Representative Bill Davis appeared in the Muncie Star Press 1-26-12.   We often refer to Bill Davis as our surrogate State Representative.  Thanks, Bill.

Recently a letter was released from David Fagan, chairman of the Lunch Pail Republicans PAC. In this letter Mr. Fagan made appalling accusations that Speaker Brian Bosma has made threats against members of the House Republican Caucus if they do not vote in favor of House Bill (HB) 1001, right to work.

I find these claims disingenuous and deceitful. I have been present in every caucus meeting this legislative session and have not once heard a threat or any type of bullying remark made toward any members. Speaker Bosma has been the most open speaker we have had in the Indiana General Assembly in at least the past eight years. He has always been open with the public about the process, as well as with the caucus about all major issues; far more so than any other speaker in my recollection.

On numerous occasions last year, concerning a bill that I authored, the speaker and I had open conversations with Mr. Fagan about the intent and purpose of the bill. I’d like to ask Mr. Fagan how he could not have the courtesy to approach Speaker Bosma or members of the House Republican Leadership again this year so that similar open conversations about right to work could take place. Since last year, I, as well as all of my colleagues, have had many similar discussions with both proponents and opponents of right to work from my own district and in the Statehouse.

Instead, it seems that Mr. Fagan has resorted to spreading rumors and I find that deplorable. How is it that he is not complaining about how 35 members of the House Democrats have refused to show up to work and to fulfill the duties they were elected to do? That 6.5 million Hoosiers continue to go unrepresented at the Statehouse because of 35 individuals’ blatant disrespect for the democratic process that America was founded on?

In my time as representative for House District 33, I have always made the best decisions I could for the Hoosiers living there. I will continue to work to strengthen Indiana for Hoosier families, workers, veterans and children alike. I can assure Mr. Fagan, and all Hoosiers, that every issue, including right to work, has been and will be carefully considered, discussed and debated, before a vote is cast.

Bill Davis is state representative for District 33, which includes portions of Jay, Randolph and Delaware counties.

Bill Davis and 2009 Indiana General Assembly-Fantastic letter and worth the read.