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Muncie Indiana – What’s happening in our city?

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O.K. I’ll make this brief. Just how much has the spending or wish list amounted to so far?

April the estimated spending (based upon newspaper articles) according to the figures was $1,490,450.00. Included in that figure was the cost of Mock Station, Downtown Development, Community organizations, Roberts Hotel, etc. Well, I was off a few bucks.

Mayor Dennis Tyler released his EDIT spending and the figure came in at $1,536,507.00 a difference of $46,057. 00. The spending plan differed slightly from the earlier newspaper articles, but really, who cares?

Next on the agenda is the purchase of a fire truck at $879,647 pending approval of City Council. We purchased new trucks less than three years ago and acquired Center Township’s well-oiled and maintained fleet.

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MSD Storm Water and Sewage Rate Hikes or “Just give up one McDonald’s meal a week”

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A Public Hearing on the $168 million dollar MSD project was held March 6th at 5:00 PM Muncie City Hall auditorium.

Monthly sewer bills are expected to increase 29%  –  $24.45 to $31.53.  Stormwater from .95 cents per month to $6.00 per month.  The storm water can be found on your tax bill.

Quite honestly I’m sure something will need to be done.  The  Stormwater increase is substantial.  Raising the rates from .95 per month to $6.00 per month will generate:

Operation & Maintenance $233,000/yr
Outstanding Debt (2007) $450,000/year
Capital improvements $1 million/year
Long Term projects $2.3 million/year

Some other things to consider, and this was brought up at the hearing.  Spending.  Will the money collected go entirely to the Storm Water project or will is be used in other areas?    The Federal mandate for separating storm water from sewers originated from the Clean Water Act of 1972.  The Muncie Sanitary Department knew this projet was in the works,  knew for years, possibly even decades.

Yet,  stormwater tax revenue was spent on Canan Commons and the Delaware County Plaza.  We are talking $248,000.00 or one full year of Operation and Maintenance cost.

But then the city sanitary district earmarked $140,000 in storm water revenue funds to cover the cost of the park’s rain gardens, native plantings and porous pavement Star Press 5-15-11

The Delaware County Stormwater Management board voted to earmark $128,000 in stormwater funds for the plaza rebuilding, which is being overseen by the county commissioners. Star Press 7-18-11

The Delaware County Plaza purchased a bench for $12,000.00 from the Stormwater funds it received.    Another way to look at it, based on the old rate, would be  to consider 1,000 property owners purchased the bench.   Under the guise of protecting our sewers, and believing the money was spent wisely for just these two projects, we are now faced with the “bill coming due”.   In fact, it appeared on our tax bills the very next month.  Unfortunately, the MSD has been actively spending money from its conception.  One only needs to read the State Board of Account to find how our money has been spent. Read the rest of this entry »

It’s only money…Delaware County, Indiana

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For those of us which have been following Delaware County finances and government for the past few years,  it has been one financial disaster after another.

At the end of 2009,  Delaware County Treasurer, John Dorer, stood before County Council unable to borrow $10.5 million dollars to stay out of the red.  Eventually, the county found three separate institutions to loan us the money.  This  same year Delaware County  received a windfall of $8 million dollars from the Welfare levy.    The bond rating for our county dropped resulting in a higher interest rate on borrowing.

In 2009, Larry Bledsoe , County Commissioner, contacted Jake Dunnuck, Drainage Board attorney, requesting Dunnuck obtain a ruling from the State of Indiana on then current surveyor’s practice of awarding contracts without bids, formal quotes or plans. Contracts were awarded to the surveyor’s stepson who was the deputy chief in the surveyor’s office.

No response from Jake Dunnuck.

Bledsoe brought to the attention of commissioner Todd Donati the county watershed funds were depleted and running in the red.  Bledsoe wanted a resolution and said he would not sign off on any future spending.  Commissioner Todd Donati turning his back on Bledsoe  promised he would sign off if Bledsoe didn’t.    A complaint was filed with the Attorney General by  Bledsoe.  Greg Zoeller responded the matter needed to go before the county attorney, Mike Quirk.  Read the rest of this entry »

Delaware County: A Modern Day Fairy Tale

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As a child we were entertained with reading fairy tales by the Grimm Brothers, Hans Christian Anderson and a wide variety of fantastic authors.   Fairy Tales held some high moral ground like integrity, honesty, compassion and character which was a reoccurring theme and easily defined.   Of course, we are now adults, and for the most part, know we can’t ride a magic carpet or sleep for 100 years…still we can take the lessons taught and apply it today.

One of my favorite tales was about an Emperor who loved to style.  Hans Christian Anderson wove an intricate tale of a man who loved his clothes.    One day two rogue designers came to the city, selling their ability to weave magnificent garments with the most unbelievable colors.  Of course, the Emperor was intrigued and imagined himself arrayed in splendor. This was a “must” buy and commissioning of the suit began.   He sent an officer of the court to examine the progress of his robes but, the looms were empty. Read the rest of this entry »

~ Indiana 6th District Congressional Debate ~

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Mark you calendar for the 6th District Congressional Republican Debate hosted by:

Ball State College Republicans

When: Tuesday April 17, 2012

Where: Pruis Hall ~ Ball State University

Time: 7:00 PM


More Information:

BSU GOP Media Kit (PDF of the event)

Indiana 6th District Republican Debate

About the Candidates

Directions and Parking

BSU GOP 6th Congressional Debate Promo

Child Abuse Vigil threatened to be canceled by Mayor Dennis Tyler

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Folks, I’m not going to make this a fancy blog with pictures tonight.  I am sick of heart, my hands are shaking.

  Do you love children?  Do you love the wide-eyed innocence, the laughter?  Do you think they should be protected at all costs?  Do you think public awareness on child abuse and prevention should be increased?

Well, I do.  Everyone I know thinks this way, too.

The annual Prevent Child Abuse of Delaware County vigil is being held Tuesday night at 7:00 PM at Muncie City Hall.  That’s the good news.

Here’s the bad news.

Kim Dowling, a local attorney, was asked to emcee the event.  Mayor Dennis Tyler was also scheduled to speak. 

 Dennis Tyler threatened to cancel the event out of City Hall if Kim Dowling was the emcee.

For those who don’t understand the implications, let me spell it out for you.  Muncie Mayor Dennis Tyler has taken this event and he  politicized it.  That’s what he has been doing since he was sworn in, playing political games.  However, this is inexcusable because this is a vigil for child abuse prevention and has no place in his petty political shenanigans.

Kim Dowling is a Democrat candidate for Judge in District 2.  Anna Quirk Hunter, a Democrat, is running for the same seat.  The Quirk firm is the city attorney and was a strong supporter during Tyler’s campaign.  Get the connection now?

Hey everyone,
Just a new story about 214.  I was supposed to emcee the Prevent Child Abuse Vigil at City Hall in April, because Marianne has another event she needs to be at.  Dennis Tyler was scheduled to present a proclamation at the event.  He found out that I am the emcee and threatened to cancel the vigil out of city hall.  Marianne tried to get him to be reasonable and back off but he wouldn’t.  So I’m no longer the emcee.  Typical 214.  Just thought you would want to know, feel free to pass it on.
Just about everything the man has been doing is PR or politically motivated.  He stepped over the line on this one.