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Update: I don’t know much, but I know enough. Liberty suing MSD….

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In its lawsuit, Liberty says the Muncie district raised the rate that Liberty pays in 2013 in a maner that is “not permitted under the contract.” Liberty objected but MSD continued with the billing.

Liberty’s lawsuit argues that it has now been overcharged by MSD by $61,000.

At the heart of Liberty’s lawsuit is the assertion that MSD can raise its rates to Liberty only because the cost of processing sewage has increased. MSD acknowledged, Liberty said, that it was raising its rates in part because of its multi-year, multi-million-dollar project within the city of Muncie to separate storm and sanitary sewers.

Liberty vs MSD

For a local utility to raise its rates while overpaying by $300,000 on quotes is inconceivable.   Of course, the Mayor will look the other way and no one will be watching over our money.

MSD under scrutiny

The way it goes is something like this:  Elected officials appoint people to positions, often where large sums of money can be spent with little oversight.  Neither the elected officials or their appointments take any responsibility.  Sometimes, a sum of money, say around $10,000 coming from Economic Development Income Tax, may be used for the purpose of finding a legal loophole to remove board members before their appointment has expired.

Your rates and your taxes will increase, but you won’t mind a bit.  Said it before, will say it again.  When you vote the person into an office, you also vote in their appointments.

Well, it’s only money and we have plenty to burn.

Criminal probe underway into Muncie contracts

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breaking news copyAccording to online comments, the information was given to the paper last year and nothing was reported.  The investigation was done by local citizens doing all of the legwork.

Criminal probe Muncie Star Press

State Board of Accounts – MSD

LRWD vs. MSD Something really stinks!

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If you live in Liberty Township, you may have recently received a letter from Liberty Regional Waste District.  Better known as LRWD.  It appears the Muncie Sanitary District (MSD) had increased LRWD’s rates by 25%.

MSD processes the township’s waste.  For a fee.  LRWD is claiming MSD is not just charging for processing exclusively, but for such incidentals as the Federal mandate to separate Muncie’s sewage from rainwater and other undisclosed charges.  All of which is unrelated to LRWD fee of processing sewage.  LRWD believes this violates their contract with Muncie Sanitary District.

It was early 2012 when the MSD raised the rates and taxes on Muncie property owners to cover the cost of separation of stormwater from sewer flow.  Just a few months ago, MSD bonded $300,000 of stormwater funds to build a compressed natural gas (CNG) station.

One might ask, why the MSD would invest funds that were DESIGNED to fund the separation and instead build a CNG station?  Simple.  Because they can.  No elected city official will question it.

LRWD, on the other hand, will and has questioned paying for services totally unrelated to their legal contract.  I don’t know much about the LRWD, but it does appear they have placed their priorities on the residents of Liberty Township over being charged by MSD.

Here is the letter sent to LRWD customers.   Liberty Waste