King-Eichholz, Deborah (edited version)

From A Citizens’ Perspective
First of all, majors kudos going out to Larry Riley – BSU professor and writer for the Muncie StarPress – who pounded out yet another good column yesterday. You can do alot of things in this city, but the one thing you cannot do is buy him off, or, for that matter, blow him off. Thank you, Larry, for yet another terrific column and your ability to see through the smoke and mirrors of Muncie Politics.
Well, you won’t believe it, Folks, but we have a financial crisis.
Yeah, I know I, too, was shocked. Just shocked !
Yeah…for two years we have been trying to articulate this to the people and to our professional politicians, who are seemingly lining up to affix blame or else to distance themselves from the situation. Well, Muncie doesn’t have a monopoly on it, but we are Muncie – The Third Most Politically Corrupt City In Indiana, according to some sources. I remember when we were simply just Middletown, USA – Hometown America. Yeah, if you want your backyard littered with back-stabbing, backroom deals, chicanery and out and out waste, fraud and abuse of the taxpayer dollars as well as our trust. That last thing – TRUST – well, that’s not so much an issue with some folks, because you cannot spend or pocket TRUST.
Let’s see…what else is happening. In a ” Coulda Knocked Me Over With A Feather ” moment – the MFD will almost certainly be forced to re-invent itself. This should be good. For decades, they have allowed the rolling stock and the firehouses to deteriorate, while pretty much gifting themselves with raises. I don’t begrudge the MFD folks a raise, but you cannot ( at the same time ) scream ” we are all about public safety ” when you are sacrificing the most basic needs of the MFD, as a whole, and of the Citys’ security itself. Quack Alert !
Stop Dumping On MPD ! Chief Davis, a no-nonsense sort is managing her department very well, even as she has managed to downsize, while not negatively impacting the Citys’ security and MPD effectiveness. Chief Davis knew going in that the City was facing hard times and she rose to the challenge and proved to her detractors that you CAN really manage on a tight budget. I have to wonder…is the carping because she was appointed by Mayor Mac or because she is a female in a traditionally male position or maybe because if her efforts and compliance work to the Citys’ advantage, it might be seen as a Yippee for Mayor Macs’ decision to appoint Davis as Top Cop.
Shirey may have to go. That pretty much says it all.
Our City Council and ” government transparency. ” Oh, come on. It’s basically the same names, same faces and the same goals, just re-packaged and polished up. You know, I look at it this way…you can see a whore on the street, looking rough and worn OR you can also envision a well-cared for concubine, dressed to the nines and very well paid. Underneath it all, both are still whores. Screwing people for money. It doesn’t matter about the new and improved packaging…it is what it is and that ain’t good for us.
The Hiatt fiasco. Can you say ” double standard ? ” I can. Hey, McKinney – you left your agenda unzipped and your appendage is showing !
You know, today – everything we have talked about, warned the people to prepare for, has finally hit home and the Powers That Be and their friends ” appear ” to be taken by surprise. I don’t think so. This is when their game may come apart. They know we knew and we were calling for action long before this landed right square on their heads, precincts and Districts. How do you explain THAT to an inquisitive constituency ? Or, do you try to affix blame elsewhere ?
One thing is for certain, you can bet none of them will man – up

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