Random Thoughts on MCS by Deborah King-Eichholz

What has happened to common sense, humanity and the greater good ? If you are a resident of Muncie, Indiana you might find yourself asking yourself that very question. Especially within the last week. Try the last 24 hours. In what might be called The Most Shameful Act In Recent Times, the eyes of the state are on the Muncie, Indiana Community Schools for a very good reason – a young girl reported a rape on school property and apparently the school officials saw fit to ignore the situation, rather than act in a timely and responsible manner.

In fact, it seems to be more of a CYA operation, with the added help of a few anonymous people who logged on to The Muncie StarPress to drown out the sound of disgust and anger, with usual ” you can’t rape the willing ” remarks and insinuate that the girl who reported the rape lives in a local youth facility, so therefore, she must have somehow deserved whatever may have happened. Apparently, the school is now responding that Policy & Procedure parameters must be given a second look and reviewed. Someone reports a rape, yet the in-house security was not informed of the incident and no one had the Muncie Police Department on speed dial.

The scene wasn’t closed off and the girl didn’t receive any medical attention until a staff member of the YOC arrived to transport the girl and was then told what may have transpired. The YOC staff member immediately took the girl to Ball Memorial Hospital and then, and only then, did anyone contact MPD. If there is a policy regarding assault, the school officials blew it out of the water and started to commence on ” damage control. ” What good is Policy & Procedure if those who are there to maintain the not only the education of our youth, but also their safety, close their eyes to possible injury, assault or endangerment ?


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