‘Tis The Season by Debotah King-Eichholz

No, it’s not yet The Holiday Season, but it’s close enough…there are nuts roasting on an open-fire and most of them belong to candidates in the 2010 election. The Muncie / Delaware County, Indiana election season is almost always trial by fire. This one being especially incendiary, as not only are we looking at potential new faces, but new changes in the property tax laws. Also worth mentioning is the positioning for the next election cycle to come and if you don’t think it is, think again.

Admittedly, we rank way too high on The Most Politically Corrupt Counties In Indiana list. It’s not a secret. It’s talked about in much the same way as people might discuss the daily mail delivery. It’s that routine, that accepted and sometimes loathed. It’s a long history…something like an STD. You know it’s there, you know you can prevent it and you know how, but still…it’s there. It just felt so good at the time. Now, bend over. Do you want that shot, or not ? Unfortunately, many do not want The Shot and it’s so easy to spread around ! There’s alot at stake. Jobs, appointments, favors to be given and received. What’s a little integrity when it comes to a power trip or an ego stroke. It’s not about The People. They are simply the people who pay the salaries, who cast the votes, who try to scratch out a life in a landscape blighted by the economy and by the local government. As long as a certain few get what they want, all bets are off.

Today, in an interesting Letter To The Editor in the local newspaper, a flow of talk about who brought what to the community, in terms of job growth and economic progress jumpstarted my thoughts on what we are gambling with this year and next…and what some people are willing to say or do to get their own little piece of the pie. Will you lay down your integrity for a candidate ? Will do everything possible to ruin a life because it is politically expedient ? How far will anyone go to achieve a personal agenda ?

What the Hell has happened to our beloved Muncie ?

Somewhere along the way, our ideals as a country were put to the test and we failed. We are every bit as much at fault as those who have sold their souls for a modicum of power in this small town. Every resident who knows and has seen the abuse of power and taxpayer monies and, Holy Failed Freedom, Batman ! – our votes, is as guilty as those who have done their best to subvert everything the Founding Fathers’ held dear and necessary. That’s the way we roll, here in Munseetown. Oh, we will scream like banshee’s when, God forbid, someone try to take an assault weapon away from a deer hunter or a citizen interested in the defense of home and family. That’s our Constitutional Right, by God ! Yes, by God…and, by the sacrifice of many who have actually served their country, instead of helping themselves to its’ bounty every two, four or six years. Yet, far too few people take a stand for the content of the ballot box or machine. Where’s the uproar ? That’s quite a legacy to pass down to ones’ children, although it loses something in translation and content.

This election has been one of the worst possible local free-for-all’s in quite sometime and that’s saying alot. I’ve always advocated ” Vote The Person, Not The Party, ” as outlined in The POT Party mission statement. To seek a more responsive and responsible government. That’s not alot to shoot for, I truly believed then…and, now. As it turns out, we have been ” in the trenches ” for three years and we have a long way to go and the work ahead will be even more challenging.

Personal attacks against the average citizen activist have increased and grown into a cottage industry of its’ own, even so far as to slander family members and ( most horrifying, especially in this economy ) to repeated attempts to cost those people their jobs. These activists are not seeking political favors or jobs, they are doing the work every living soul in Delaware County should have been doing the last twenty odd years, at least. Simply put, protecting everything they’ve worked hard to achieve. Not just for oneself, but for the community, as a whole. There’s an interesting concept which might be catching on. When The People who are asking the tough questions and ferreting out solid information are threatened and abused, we have a huge problem and that problem isn’t in Washington, DC. It’s home-grown and it needs to be weeded out. Hasn’t our less than sterling reputation been enough of a reality check to teach us anything ?

The political bullies have had their day ( and decades ), I hope and the last thing we need is their spawn, step-spawn, or any spawn thereof, to take their turn at bat. We’ve seen what they are truly capable of and why. Much like baby sharks in utero, they will eat their own and anything and anyone who tries to stand in their way. Those who speak up for the common man ( and woman ) become viable chum in our political waters and yet no one screams ” shark ! ”

Baby, the water is bloodied…how many more must be sacrificed before we close the beach called Muncie Politics ?


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