Jim Arnold’s “I Was There” Indianapolis Tea Party April 15, 2009

 On Wednesday April 15, 2009 I attended the Tax Day Tea Party in Indianapolis along with 13,000 to 15,000 others according to the Indiana State Police.

I was there…

…not because I hate my country, but because I love my country.

…not because I believe I am always right, but because I have a constitutional right to freely express my beliefs.

…not because I am a right wing nut, but because I am a concerned citizen who cares deeply for the future of this great republic.

…not because I want to secede from the union, but because I want our sacred union to succeed.

…not because I want an armed rebellion, but because I want to support the revolution to return this nation to the principles it was founded upon.

…not because I want President Obama to fail, but because I want my country to succeed.

…not because the constitution is a living document that can be tugged, pulled, prodded and poked till our founding fathers wouldn’t recognize it, but because the constitution is sacred document which gives inalienable rights to all citizens living in these United States.

… because it is time to remind our public servants from Main Street to Pennsylvania Avenue that they work for us.

… because it is time to remind our public servants that there is no special interest that is more “special” than the hard working Americans who are the backbone of this great country.

… because it is time to remind our public servants to put an end to business as usual and get busy with the business at hand of regaining the trust of the American people as you rebuild the nation that we all dearly love.

… to tell our public servants that it is time to put partisan politics aside; it is time to stop fighting the other party and start fighting for the citizens that you were elected to serve.

Call me what you will and say what you want, but I was there, and am proud of it .

 Jim Arnold


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