Jim Arnold – Frugal


I hate to give the punch line before the story is told, but based open the Finance Committee meeting with Parks Superintendent Doug Zook; I can’t help myself.  If all City Superintendents are as “frugal” as Doug Zook appears to be, then the 2010 budget shortfall is not “the end of the world as we know it”, and enacting the Local Option Income Tax for 2010 is not necessary.

The Parks Department share of the 3.8 million budget shortfall predicted by the Umbaugh report is $311,000.  Doug convinced me that he can run the parks department in spite of that cut and demonstrated a can do attitude seldom seen these days when asked if he could survive additional budget cuts slated for 2010 and beyond.

Prairie Creek revenue to date of $532,000 exceeds the 2009 budget by $3,000, demonstrating that Prairie Creek can be self sufficient and does not need to be supported by tax payer dollars.

Mr. Zook shaved about $50.000 from the budget by not filling the Assistant Parks Superintendent position, and reduced part time employees 60% from 18 positions to 7.

I applaud his $10,000 line item increase for pier removal per a 3 to 5 year program to upgrade the piers which could sustain optimal pier fees in the future, and support his plan to enhance automation of the Prairie Creek processes for next year. 

Too his credit, he complemented his staff for taking great pride in what they do.  Thanks Doug. 

Say no to LOIT.


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